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How Network Marketers are Using Video Facebook Stories

We know that videos are powerful when it comes to Facebook. There’s no way around it really. Live video does the best when it comes to organic reach and engagement. However, uploading a pre-recorded video was previously in second place — but Video Facebook Stories have taken over. And it is alarming how many network marketers aren’t using this feature yet!

There are an average of 300-500 million active Facebook Stories users a day (2019). Did you know this fact? If you didn’t well … now you know and time to get some video Facebook stories happening. And if you did, and aren’t tapping into that — start today.

Video Facebook Stories Convert Best

Conversions, we all want to know the tips and tricks that help to make this happen. You see, the Facebook stories platform is constantly adding new features to this portion of the app regularly. In fact even just recently they’ve matched their Instagram partners with adding GIFs, locations, ability to tag names, etc. When we see Facebook doing these additions and constant improvements … it’s typically safe to read between the lines.

Mark Zuckerburg was quoted recently to say;

Facebook and Instagram and the digital equivalent of the town square will always be important. I actually think that they will continue to grow in importance. At the same time though, the things that we see growing the fastest, in terms of what people want to do, are private messaging, stories that are ephemeral and don’t stick around, small groups …

So, with Facebook putting an emphasis on stories – you need to be there. Period.

Why Video Facebook Stories?

Well, we already know that video converts best in general, right? So when you add a platform like the stories (also referred to as Messenger Stories) where there is a ton of attention these days — and video — best of both worlds.

Video Facebook stories are best in small snippets that collectively tell a short story. These might be short tips or tutorials. These video stories could be a behind the scenes look into your day or a sneak peak of an upcoming announcement.


Think about it, the platform is called Facebook Stories. Treat it as such!

The strategy we have found best is sharing at least 9 stories a day. This can be a mix of video Facebook stories, images and don’t forget about polls or asking a question – these work great! Don’t just talk AT people, talk TO them. Imagine you are speaking to one person versus a mass group of people – keep it personable and fun never fails!

How to Create Video Facebook Stories

Adding the right features to your story, from location-specific tags dancing GIFs on your videos, boosts engagement. Facebook also allows you to see who has watched your story. Which is great  when you need to enhance your targeting strategy. To create a video story:

  • Click the “Create Story” button on your Facebook mobile messenger app.
  • Record a video by holding down the round button.
  • Edit by adding location tags, filters, stickers, tags, etc.
  • Share your story by touching the + icon in the middle of the screen

Your published stories appear on the right side of a desktop or top of the messenger app. Because the stories will be available for 24 hours there is no real time of day that works better than others (yet).

One of the things we love the most is that stories are also being added to the notifications menu a lot more later. This means, it is notifying your friends that you recently added a story and basically they should go check it out.

Let’s get into the trenches here …

After reading this post head on over to your messenger app. Create a short (even a few seconds) video Facebook story. Tag us! (Brian Fryer & Dani Fryer). We will be more than happy to give you a little feedback and maybe even a shoutout for being an action taker.

Sounds good? Share this with your teams – leaders – everyone. We want to see you attain your desired level of success in this incredible industry, so let’s do this!

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