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How to Create Valuable Content for your Facebook Audience

Every network marketer building their business on Facebook has been there. You know you should post something creative or meaningful but are fresh out of interesting ideas. You might ask yourself things like — ‘What will my audience care about? How many times have I done this topic already?’ Bottom line is this — you need valuable content.

However, the more urgent you feel the post becomes, the more blank your mind ends up. Right?

If content on your social media pages is flat and doesn’t spark interest, then it is potentially a wasted effort. But, content that sparks interest is usually the one with the strongest emotions.

Discovering what Valuable Content Means for you

The Problem: You have been posting content on Facebook (social media) and it is not converting to business.

The Solution: You need interesting, relevant, and sharable content. The intention behind that, is to catch the attention of prospective customers and/or distributors. Thus, improving your strategy to build (your) brand awareness across social media.

The key to social media success is to deliver posts that provide value to your audience. And, this may be something you ‘already’ know — and maybe even felt that it simply doesn’t work. As a result, in these cases people often fall back on posts that appear ‘spammy’ or ‘sale-sy’, and so on.

Let us know if we are on the right path here …

Here is what we do know; there are simple strategies that you can use for your network marketing business that will create valuable content for you and drive sales or recruits. We know this, because they are the same strategies we used personally, and ones we teach our coaching community and clients.

First Things First …

After this post, you want to check out our post on Discovering your Audience Profile. Because, when you know your customer or distributor profile, you can cater the strategies learned here, to them.

Alternatively, if you are brand new and do not have current customers or distributors to ‘draw’ from — that post will also help you narrow down who your target audience is. Knowing your target demographic is critical and in our opinion, overlooked. Why? Because people get caught in the ‘this is for everyone!’ mentality. And, sure your product or opportunity may very well be for ‘everyone’ however, how you market to ‘everyone’ is different.

Think about it like this;

Would you create female empowerment summit to a 20-something male who posts only about cryptocurrency? Probably not. This isn’t to say he may benefit from your summit, but your positioning would be much different. Valuable content to him, doesn’t often dictate a group of women with high-fives all over and Wonder Woman t-shirts on.

Valuable content to him may be a heavier male presence relating to stocks or investments in the image.

Please understand we may have gone the stereotypical path in this example, and its only purpose was to demonstrate how content and what is deemed valuable, will look different to each demographic.

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How to Create Valuable Content for your Facebook Audience

Answer Questions your Audience asks you

Remember, content is everywhere and, chances are you have been asked questions over time. Whether they be related to your business or not, if your audience is asking — this speaks to a few things;

  1. Things that they are interested in
  2. Information about you, they hope to obtain (within reason, don’t go sharing your address!)
  3. Topics that matter to them

… and so on.

Audience generated content is incredibly powerful. For those of you who have already been implementing attraction marketing or curiosity driven Facebook posts, your audience is already growing. Sometimes, whether you ‘see’ them or not. They key here, is getting them engaged.

Problem: You can’t think of any questions

Solution: Start writing down every question you are asked from your audience. Be it on a post, in messenger, your email, text, etc. Start creating a list that you can draw from when you are leaning on help for a post to create valuable content.

Example: You posted an image of your dinner and your audience responded with ‘wow! looks amazing, can I get the recipe?’ Guess what?! That dinner post has now translated into a recipe post. From there, that recipe post may translate into where to buy the ingredients type post. Get the idea?

Create Posts with Strong (but positive) Emotion

Remember, Facebook is a place to be social. Most people are not jumping on Facebook in hopes an ad will pop up of something they can buy. This also means, they probably aren’t seeking out the post in which you are trying to sell them something. However, let’s assume for a moment that summer is coming and your audience is dreading getting back into a bathing suit after a long winter of minimal activity and potentially poor eating habits.

You happen to be promoting a health and wellness company that is focused on weight loss and weight management. It would probably be poor taste to say ‘hey Jane were you looking to lose weight before summer comes?’ .

You might agree with us that Jane probably wouldn’t continue to follow your content, right?

Well, what if your post spoke of ‘someone you know’ who is feeling amazing and looking forward to bathing suit season. Jane, may resonate with that and moreover, want it for herself. See the difference? Same concept, but night and day, delivery.

Before & After images can also elicit strong emotions for people.

Be mindful that the product you are promoting (behind the scenes) is responsible for the ‘after’ image, and it is encouraged to not use the company name, etc. Create a solid written component to these images you share. Valuable content to pair the image could simply involve celebrating the success, progress, etc.

Share your own Journey — Everyone Loves a Great Story

There are things you do every day that become second nature. And, these things can include anything from; walking the dog, managing your email, making coffee, waking up in the morning, and the list can go on and on.

Although these ‘things’ may not be unique to you — how you do them, could be.

Let’s talk coffee.

Are you an instant, brewed, Keurig, or espresso kinda person? Alternatively, maybe you don’t even drink coffee! (crazy talk). Creating valuable content can be something as simple as how you make your morning cup of Java. Seriously — and the best part about this, is people love sharing their opinion or how they do something.

On a back end, you sell coffee. Convenient, right?

valuable content

Picture This: You create a post about coffee that generates tons of engagement. These are all people in your audience that you can identify whether they even like coffee or not, for starters — and, how they like it. These are also people that you can reach out to and start or reopen dialogue with them.

Please note! This does not mean jump in their inbox and send your coffee link. It simply means, see how they are — what they’ve been up to lately, how’s the family and so on.

Do not overthink the process and more importantly, do not oversell your product (or business).

Perhaps your focus is on distributors (or both)…

Now, we’ve said before that customers often make the best distributors. But, creating valuable content for people around business can also be powerful — and help convert those prospects into distributors and customers. Let’s assume for a moment that you were able to sign your daughter up for swimming lessons because of ‘extra’ income you earned from your network marketing business.

You could create valuable content around that moment for others, who may be struggling financially.

Example: [share an image of your daughter at swimming] The Content included in that shared image reads something along the lines of  ‘I am so proud of Sarah! Her first swimming lesson and she already put her face in the water. I never considered how much this would mean to both of us. This time last year I couldn’t afford to sign her up in things like this. But, a little extra effort on my part time business from home — and she’s becoming a fish!’

Notice how the emphasis was on Sarah in the beginning, and the end? Creatively, you were able to slide in how you did it, but not enough so that people ‘know’ what you are referring to. The key is remember why you got involved in network marketing or direct sales.

Was it so you too, could send your Sarah to swimming lessons? Was it to take that family trip? Or, maybe it was to stay current on your bills. Whatever the case is, people are out there just like you — valuable content will translate when its effective.

In addition, people will feel part of your journey. And that our friends, is priceless.

Final Thoughts on Creating Valuable Content

When it comes to creating valuable content for your social media posts, these ideas are just the beginning. If you have specific topics you want some help with — leave them in the comments, we would love to support you as best as we can. Overall, valuable content on social media — Facebook specifically — can help you create a solid residual business into the multiple six figures. We know this, because are witnesses to what is possible. You deserve to be, too.

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