tough truth for network marketers

Tough Truth for Network Marketers … Please Don’t Do This!!

This post will be some tough truth for network marketers. And, although we are doing whatever we can to serve the profession there is still so much work to do!

Especially when we are failing to realize that network marketing is not a job, it’s an opportunity. This is doing so much harm to the business you’re growing. Here’s the primary reason why … When people think of a job, they are typically thinking things like;

  1. Steady pay check
  2. Benefits, be it medical or otherwise
  3. Paid vacation time
  4. Days off

… and so on. Now, think about the expectations you’re setting for people by calling your business a job. Harsh or tough truth is you are setting all the wrong ones!

Tough Truth for Network Marketers on this Mindset

Ever wonder why people join network marketing a quit in their first 30-90 days? Have you considered that when you position your opportunity as a job, people believe they can throw a post or two up and start collecting checks?

In a lot of ways it parallels the hourly wage to commission based pay structures.

Educating people on this mindset is so critical.

Personally, I like the idea of putting in the hard work and being paid accordingly. Once I perfect the process of what I am doing, I can get paid way more than the hours I put in. The mindset people have is they simply don’t believe in themselves and their skills.

Even if you weren’t that good at sales or whatever, you could get better and better and by the end of the year, you would actually make more money vs if you were paid hourly. This is where the education piece falls in. Educate people on the tough truth for network marketers when it comes to hours dedicated doesn’t always equate to steady income initially.

So, educate them of where the possibilities are. You are showing them an opportunity to go beyond an hourly rate – IF they stay the course.

Here are 4 ways you can help educate people on your opportunity … 

You need to hold both short and long-term visions.

Work for others and you are mainly responsible for ensuring that what needs to be done now, is done. As an entrepreneur/network marketer, you have to project your mind forward, thinking about the potential obstacles and making decisions based on uncertainty.

This requires you to come to terms with the fact that what you do, or don’t do, today, will have an impact on your business 3 months, even 10 years down the road. This is tough truth for network marketers to swallow — but it’s fact and faith goes a long way!

Feeling uncomfortable is your new ‘comfort zone.’

As an employee at a job, you’re used to thinking ‘inside the box’ rather than outside of it. As an entrepreneur, there is no box. You see what others don’t and you take risks. This requires courage, a thick skin and the ability to keep going despite rejection and criticism. These are legitimate expectations you should be setting for prospects. Risks, yes. Rewards, absolutely.

Learning is a continuous journey.

As an employee, you have a job description, right? Being an entrepreneur involves learning new hard and soft skills. That could be learning to set up a content plan, getting others on board, marketing your ideas, etc.

What needs to be done, has to be done – there is no room for excuses. Entrepreneur vs. employee mindset.

Time isn’t linear.

As an employee, you have a schedule or some sort. As an entrepreneur, while you might not be tied to a desk, phone or computer 24/7, you will always be thinking about your business, what it’s doing well and what it could be doing better.

There will be no respite – you will live and breathe it. That is the difference between a business and a hobby.

Although this was probably some tough truth for network marketers to swallow today, it’s likely you’re familiar with this job vs opportunity positioning. I know I was certainly fired up when I made this video, but felt it was necessary. Where is your mindset when it comes to your business?

How are you presenting your business opportunity to others?


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