"Together, we are making a HUGE impact in the network marketing profession and the proper use of social media"


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Amy Nichols Marquis

So I've literally been in this group 24 hours & I am receiving the MOST VALUABLE information I've received in 3 years in my business. Wow!

Bobbie Lynn Miller

Very close to triple promotion this month. $24 actually. I wanted to thank Brian for all you give to this community and the time you take to breath life into us on hard days and seasons and also taking the time to answer our questions relentlessly.

Stephanie DeSisto Mize

Less than 1 week and I have 5 new prospects and 3 new customers. It's support. And it's teaching me the RIGHT way.

Stephanie Clayton McManus

I went live this morning following Brian's advice for videos. I have had more interaction out of this single video than any other so far. He knows what he's talking about! Going live can be intimidating but it's definitely a crucial step for us social impacters!

"I have learned so much from these trainings and I could not be more excited about how this has turned my mindset around. My business is growing and I am getting so much positive feedback from my customers and followers. I also feel like I now have more confidence to be able to guide and lead my team to reach goals and inspire them to achieve great things. I'm so Thankful for all that this community has done for my business."

-Courtney DeCarr

"Investing in Coach Fryer's training for the past 4 months has been incredible! I've learned about branding myself and attraction marketing which has equipped me to promote FIVE times in just 3 short months within my new company. Investing in yourself is essential to long-term success in this industry!"

-Janelle McCormick

"Thank you so much for being so wonderful and helpful Coach Fryer! Your patience and guidance truly mean more than you can ever know. I haven't had an upline in a year and a half and my goal, of course, is to feel confident that I can build and sustain my own business. It's so wonderful to get coaching that is thoughtful, individualized and helpful! Thank you for everything you do." 

-Jordan LeVeck

My best personal month in 3 months. About a dozen new customers. A bunch of returning customers. A new biz partner that I’m crazy excited about. More and more people reaching out to me daily. It’s really been nuts. In a very good way. Super excited for the future. So grateful for this group and for Coach Brian Fryer and all the wisdom you share with us. 

-Rose Boyle

 Signed up 3 new business partners and promoted to an executive position! This group has been everything!!! I can’t believe I’m one promotion away from a car bonus!!! Never thought this could happen!!

-Lacey Bailey

There are a lot of “GURU’s” out there to give your money away too, but I am grateful I found Brian Fryer, who is just COACH, and has never said a single thing I disagree with. Everything is so simple and straightforward. This man constantly provides VALUE, and even though I have only been applying this social media philosophy (not perfectly or as consistently as I know I can) the results to my business have been AWESOME!

-Ian Prather

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Ready for your step by step instruction?

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