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Team Building Tips for Network Marketers

In this post, I’m going to share with you my 3 top team building tips that you can implement in your business. In the network marketing industry, we have the opportunity to help people in 2 primary ways;

  1. customer model – sharing products and services
  2. team building – helping others achieve additional income

Some people choose to focus on one path mentioned above however, having a hybrid of the two is ideal. This post will not focus on the recruiting aspect but I have some great content on this site that will help you there!

This post is designed to help those who have an existing team and how you can help them (and you) build. And as a result, your business (and theirs) will grow!

Team Building Tips for the Network Marketer

There is something so special about sharing products and services that we love right? But what is even more powerful is helping others achieve all the incredible benefits that can also come with building a business.

Although driving a solid customer centric business is wonderful, being able to help others do the same is powerful. And, once you have the recruiting side moving along many see obstacles in helping that team grow. My goal, is to share these team building tips with you and for you to understand and implement them for longevity and growth in your business.

Time Management and Team Building

Unfortunately, just because you pour hours into someone on your team it will not guarantee their success. And, I’ve been here before … We can get caught in this web of spending incredible amounts of our time into someone who doesn’t implement what we share or suggest. There are a variety of reasons this happens, I’m sure, but what is important to remember is protect your time.

Of course you want to serve them and see them grow. But, you can’t want it more for them than they want it for themselves. Time management is among my top team building tips and one that is easily forgotten but also one that can be easily implemented.

Protect your time.

Do what you Expect Others, to do!

Lets’ keep this one short and sweet. If you are telling others to go out and do a Facebook Live or, reach out to 5 new people a day — make sure YOU are doing the same. Your example and experience as a result will not only help your own business grow but demonstrate to your team that you LEAD by example.

STOP Being the Mother ‘Hen’

The last of my team building tips for you in this; quit falling into management mode. The downfall of this activity is 2-fold;

  1. your own business will suffer as a result and,
  2. you are creating a dependent environment for your team

The goal with anyone building a team is to help others become independent in their business. When network marketers fall into management mode or, being that mother hen it can be a tough one to move away from.

When you are implementing the above team building tips 1) time management and 2) leading by example … you will help yourself avoid falling into that managerial role. Remember, each of you are building an independent business for you, your family, etc. Of course you want to be there and show up for you team and do so, but never lose sight of your own business in the process.


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team building tips