Team Building Strategies on Social media for Network Marketing

Network Marketing Team Building Strategies | Video

If your plan is to build a network marketing team, customers and distributors are necessary! Whether you build it through your existing warm market on social media or leverage attraction marketing, you have to learn and develop prospecting and team building strategies.

But what about pushing past those common struggles like, slow growth and/or lack of duplication? Not to mention constantly having to feel this need to motivate your team? Today’s post should give you our top team building strategies and how to implement them. 

Team Building Strategies Using Social Media

Let’s Breakdown Some of these Team Building Strategies …

Think back to when you launched your business. You may have been told the glamorous side of things like being able to work from home, and always from your phone, right? And, although this is true in some ways it takes work.

If you are comfortable building a business that will help pay for an extra vacation a year or your children’s extra curricular activities, this is a brilliant industry that can worked part time. However, if you are after a 5+ figure cheques you will need to get outside of that safe zone. It will require a plan on how to get there — and then up to you to implement it.

So, evaluate where you’re at. If you are wanting to build a large, thriving organization .. these are 3 of my top tips you will want to make sure are part of your team building strategies.

Your Warm Market is NOT Enough

First we can ‘evaluate’  our market in a few ways;

  1. Hot market (those closest to us – existing, strong relationships)
  2. Warm market (those we are connected to – casual relationships, professionals, etc.)
  3. Luke-Warm market (those we are connected to by way of someone else)
  4. Cold market (those we haven’t met – yet)

In our opinion, if you want to push past the $1,000/month mark (and much more!) you will need to get past your warm market. There are no ways around it. And remember, we are always evaluating the long-term. Because it’s possible someone gets started in their business and is off to a solid, strong start but the last thing you want to do is have your business growth dependent on strictly family and friends.

Be Open to Tapping into your Cold Market

Now, thanks to social media we have our cold market literally at our fingertips, right? Your cold market can be as simple as someone with whom you are in a Facebook or LinkedIn group with that you have never connected with. Reach out. One of the best team building strategies you can learn to implement is how to ‘tap into’ that cold market effectively.

And ultimately this is as simple as starting up a conversation. Start to cultivate and then nurture a relationship with them. Please note that this does Not mean sending hundreds of copy and paste messages with your business opportunity or worse – your replicated website.

Additionally, a great way to tap into your cold market is by delivering consistent and relevant content. It is all about taking the initiative.

Learn More Social Media Strategies

Let’s be honest here — the appeal to building a business on social media is enormous! And unfortunately, there are a ton ways that are in all transparency, teaching it wrong. We are not suggesting you go out and have dozens of profiles you will never be able to keep up with. Nor are we suggesting you copy your Upline statuses and play them off as your own.

[let us know some of your pet peeves in the comments!]

The key isn’t just to ‘be’ online. The goal is to learn how to be effective and intentional in your team building strategies on social media. So often people are left spinning their wheels on why things aren’t working. And this is exactly why we created our Social Impacters Community to help network marketers just like YOU build an effective, growing and solid network marketing business.

If you haven’t joined us there yet – take the time now to do so.

We hope you found this video and post helpful in getting you on the right track. We hope it will help you create the right team building strategies for you and your business.

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