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How to Start Growing a Targeted Audience Online

Vanity metrics; where you get caught up in the numbers of followers, subscribers and fans you have. Whereas, I would like to suggest to you that you instead focus on a targeted audience because this is actually what will help grow your business.

Quality over Quantity


In this post (and YouTube video that you will definitely want to take the 5 minutes to watch), will give you 3 tips on how to grow a targeted audience online that WILL help grow your business. See, in error and an honest one, many network marketers believe their product or service is for everyone, right?

However, I am going to suggest to you that it’s not but it is for every one of theĀ right people.

First things first; have you completed a customer avatar yet? This free worksheet (click here) will help take you through the very same process I use when working on my ‘targeted audience for new content. It is the very first place I start and lean on throughout the creative process.

Why? Because when I know exactly who I’m marketing to and engaging with, the content converts 10X better. Not only is this more efficient but way more effective overall (oh, and it’s far more lucrative).

Start Growing a Targeted Audience Online


There are 3 primary questions you want to ask yourself while working through your ICA (Ideal Customer Avatar);

  1. Who are they?
  2. Where are they? (what platforms)
  3. What is their biggest struggle or pain point?


In a lot of ways, this is like creating a person in your imagination and giving them an identity.

Think about the platforms you are marketing on — is your ideal customer there?

Sprout Social released a solid breakdown in demographics that you should take some time with for your social media strategies. You can find their most recent data on social media trends here.

As a quick overview let’s consider age as a pretty powerful demographic. When you are looking to create a targeted audience – and an engaged one, where they hang out is SUPER important.

The top age demographic for social media platforms are;

  1. Facebook – 84% are ages 25-30 and 79% ages 30-49
  2. Instagram – 75% are ages 18-24 and 57% are ages 35-30
  3. LinkedIn – 44% are ages 25-30 and 37% are ages 30-49
  4. Pinterest – 38% are ages 18-24 and 35% are ages 30-49
  5. SnapChat – 73% are ages 18-24 and 47% are ages 25-30
  6. YouTube – 93% are ages 25-30 and 90% are ages 18-24


Every other age categories are broken down on the website above, and depending of course which age demographic your ICA falls into, you might consider spending some time there.

Now sure, there are exceptions to every rule however, leaning on the data is always a great place to start. When you know who your customer is, where they hang out, the things they buy, the places they travel, etc. you can create your content to meet each of those needs.

Think about your targeted audience as the sweet spot for all the things you create.

It doesn’t get much more powerful than that!

Click here for another great blog on this topic you may want to check out too. Let me know how I can help you best on creating this avatar for your business.

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