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3 Ways to Stop Talking yourself out of Sales or Opportunities

One of the key myths about networking marketing and sales that many people have is that they think selling is about talking, presenting and persuading rather than about listening and asking the right questions. In fact, chances are you may even be one of the network marketers talking yourself out of sales.

You may be thinking,

‘So what if I talk a lot. I have a great product or service to sell , and I know my stuff. Isn’t it important for my prospects to know what I know so they can understand what I can do for them?’

Perhaps. But there is more to that. A whole lot more in fact.

Here is what you miss when you talk too much…

The opportunity to build trust or a rapport with the prospect. You have heard this time and time again (I know). But, people will buy from those that they know, like and trust. So, think about it like this — if you are doing all the talking, when is it that you’ll notice if your prospect has checked out. Or, that they have given you tons of clues they’re actually, no longer interested.

The problem when you are talking yourself out of the sale, you are also talking yourself out of relationship to some degree. People want to feel heard, not the other way around.

Additionally, if you are the one doing all the talking you ill fail to uncover the prospects needs. You see, many believe they have strong knowledge of what they can do for their prospects, but understandably only a small notion of what the prospect truly needs.

If you are doing all the talking, you can only guess which areas of your products and services will offer the greatest value for that person. You miss the chance to put together something special for them. And, if you don’t know all their needs, you miss out on building larger solutions which typically mean, larger incomes.

On the business builder side of things ….

You might find yourself so busy talking yourself out of a sale because what the prospect truly wants is to be a distributor (or rep). These are things you will miss every time when you are the one doing all of the talking. Here is an example;

You have connected with a new Facebook friend. Both of you spend a few months going back and forth on your pages, you know liking and commenting on things. One day, you decide that you are going to message them and open the conversation. Turns out, when you message them they reply with something along the lines of ‘hey I was actually just thinking about messaging you!’. Turns out, you’re not half bad at this attraction marketing stuff and they are already intrigued.

So, right away you start talking about that your favorite product is the eye cream. And how it helps reduce the bags under your eyes. You make sure to mention your company has been around for 25 years because of course they want to know that. You start rhyming off how you got started in the business. Oh, and how happy you are that you found this eye bag cream.

Blah, blah, blah.

Turns out, she really just wanted to know how she could earn some money from home. So, not only did you end up talking yourself out of sale but you talked yourself right out of a new team member too. Suddenly, you stop hearing from her … and then see she has joined the same business as you!

Guess what often happens here?

This is usually where people go back to their sponsor or upline, maybe their coach our a team member and vomit negativity on how you just wasted all this time talking to someone about your products and now they have gone and joined someone else.

Or, this is where you decide that this network marketing thing isn’t for you. Or, maybe where you say ‘yup, should have listened to my auntie who told me these things were a scam’ .. and so on. Meanwhile, if you weren’t so busy talking yourself out of the deal … you would realize you are actually doing some really great things with attraction marketing.

But, most don’t stick around to figure that part out.

3 Key Ways for you to Stop Talking Yourself out of Sales

Number One Way — Approach sales conversations like real conversations

Before you engage in a conversation having anything to do with sales, think to yourself, ‘If I needed to get a full picture of the prospect’s world before going forward and building a solution for them, how would I approach it?’

Approach the conversation this way, versus thinking, ‘I am now selling a new client or customer,’ will help the conversation move along more naturally. It will also keep you from talking too much, help you avoid missing key signals and prevent you from talking yourself out of sale entirely.

Number Two Way — Become very conscious of your ‘air’ time

If you have gone on for more than two minutes (yes, 120 seconds) without a very good reason, simply cut it off. Sometimes we head down a path and we think to ourselves when we start talking, ‘OK, I started discussing this and it will take me 10 minutes to explain…how did I get here again?!’

Avoid letting this happen, but if you do start down the path, get off as quickly as possible. You should be hearing much more of the prospects voice than your own. A great way to gauge that is by being present during your conversation. And, since many people are doing this via messenger on social media platforms, you are even at more of an advantage. Think about how much time you are spending typing, or recording voice notes.

Number Three Way — Seek coaching

Many of us can point to a time when a more senior leader or network marketing professional, after seeing us lead a sales conversation, gave us a piece of advice that made a significant difference in our conversation approach and success.

Seek out this kind of coaching. Either from someone in your company such as your upline or an external business development coach. The right feedback can help you win over more customers and distributors and sell more, sometimes immediately.

Final Thoughts on Talking Yourself out of Sales

It happens, and sometimes to the best of us. A lot of times we talk ‘so much’ is because we’re excited. But remember, what excites you may not even be what your prospect is looking for. Spend more time getting to know who they are. The beauty is, when we spend more time listening (or reading) is that people will tell us everything we need to know.

At the end of it all, you are listening to the need or problem, thus being able to craft the right solution for them. This goes a long way — especially in retention.

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talking yourself out of sales