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Should you Talk about Network Marketing on Social Media?

Should you talk about network marketing on your social posts? Specifically platforms like Instagram. Facebook and Twitter? If you are, I would love to know more about your strategy there. Because here’s the deal … I LOVE the network marketing profession however, there continues to be (in my opinion) to have huge gaps in the right and/or wrong way, to market it.

Think about it like this; what does your family or close circle think about network marketing? Chances are, and majority tells us, that most people don’t care to hear about it.

Maybe they think it’s a waste of time, a scam, or just a straight out bad idea.

And so, in knowing this why do we continue to only show them network marketing posts? If we know that they are not ‘feeling‘ the MLM vibe why not go at it another way? It may or may not surprise you but most people don’t love the industry. We don’t fault them for their decisions or opinions primarily because they have either had a bad experience or, just don’t know enough about it.

Bottom Line: STOP trying to convince people that our industry is incredible. Prove it through your actions. Social platforms should translate to, social posts.

Should you discuss network marketing on your Facebook and Instagram?

In my onion, not necessarily. I say this because of the negative stigma around our profession. You can end up turning people off of your products and opportunities before they ever learn what you are really doing.

And so, how do you position your business posts to talk about network marketing if I’m suggesting you eliminate the words from your posts?

Simple, be human.

Be you above all else and give your audience what they want. Maybe it’s humor, could be a how-to style post or video, or heck — share your LIFE!

When people go on your newsfeed what does it tell them about you? If you answered ‘sales person’ I suggest it’s time you clean that up. You are not a sales person.

And, you are not in the business of convincing people either.

My suggestion for you is to work on peaking your audience’s curiosity. Give them a reason to connect and reach out to you. Show them your life, give them something that they relate to and in some ways … want it too!

A quick check in with yourself is this; put yourself in the shoes of your newest people in your business. Would you suggest they talk about network marketing on their social media?

If so, what would that look like? If not, what would you suggest they do otherwise?

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