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Should I Tag my Team Members and Prospects on Social Media?

Think about the last time you and ‘98 others‘ were tagged in a post on Facebook. Chances are, you checked out it to see if it even applied to you, right? Then after making that discovery you either ‘added to timeline’ or, you deleted and/or removed the tag. So, when I am asked ‘Coach Fryer should I tag my team members and prospects on social media?’ The short answer is no.

First and foremost what you need to know is this — when you tag someone and they ‘remove the tag’ you are actually hurting your visibility. Why? Because Facebook determines that you shared something of little to no interest with someone and in turn, the algorithm decides if it should show up or not for everyone else.

Secondly, why are you tagging your team members on a post where you are trying to sell something? Or, are you making your prospects think ‘gosh, I don’t want to even inquire now if they’re just going to tag me!’

And yet, this social media etiquette has been lost along the way.

Somewhere, someone decided this was a great idea. And hey, maybe at one time it ‘made sense’. But, shouldn’t your posts alone offer value so much so that these same people want to share or tag in the comments anyways?

Should I Tag my Team Members and Prospects on Social Media?

No, no, and no.

I have yet to come across a time that this has made legitimate sense to me. Typically, the reasons are — selfish. When you tag your team members and/or prospects you’re not doing it for them. And, be real with yourself on this.

Chances are you are hoping someone on their page will see it and want in! Or, you’re using it as a lazy means of following up.

Neither of these, and I think you will agree, are good ideas.

Now, when you are in pictures with others or you are celebrating someone, this is different. In fact, this is what the tag feature is even for! A fun way to do this (and helps your newsfeed ranking) is this;

  1. Post a picture with team members in it
  2. For the caption, use something like ‘if you’re in this shot tag yourself!’

The reality is, I do believe in most cases people are brand new and maybe just don’t know any better.

What are your thoughts on this? Would love your feedback in the comments below before you go!


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tag my team members and prospects