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Success Habits of Top Earners in Network Marketing

Would you want to earn 7+ figures in your Network Marketing Business? You know, it isn’t just a wild dream because you have seen many 7 and even 8 figure earners in Network Marketing space. And, they repeatedly tell us what they did to get there. They are always giving away their success habits — but for some reason, we aren’t listening.

Have you ever walked up to a top earner at an event and just asked how they did it? When you ask the leaders this question, without fail, they always answer along the same lines.

“Just focus, stay committed and follow the system”

Here, is probably where your frustration is. They say they are doing the exact same thing you are doing but they are making millions while you are still struggling.

Ever felt that way?

Success Habits of Top Earners in Network Marketing

success habits

#1 Lead with Value

This, is not up for debate. Each professional network marketer earning six (6) figures (and more) a year are always, leading with value. There is a saying that goes along the lines of how much money you earn, is a reflection of how much value you put into the market. So, the logical solution to this would be — put out more value.

More, consistent value.

Customers or prospects are not attracted to being sold. This includes things like posting your link on Facebook statuses or sending those dreaded copy and paste messages to their inboxes. However, customers and prospects do thrive on value. It is both attractive, edifies you as an expert, speaks to your character and so much more.

The strategy here is that once you start producing valuable content, your customers will keep gathering around you. And, they will keep coming back for more. They will begin to know, like and trust you. And at the right time, they will buy or join — simply, from you being you.

Coach Fryer Tip: To begin producing value, use the ILT strategy. Invest in your education and personal development. Learn something you can use in your business and something you can teach your audience. And then, Teach It!

#2 Create a Daily Routine

Keep in mind, this is what will determine if you are successful in your Network Marketing Business or not. Your daily routine will make or break you. Top earners attribute much of their success to the consistency of a daily routine and will not let just anything deter them from following through on it.

Therefore, the most important thing to consider when developing your daily routine is that it is something you will be able to stick to. If you are working your business part-time or full-time is irrelevant. Consistency will breed results. So, if you are someone who commits to two (2) hours four (4) days a week — given that effort, consistently you will see results.

On the other hand, if you are someone who says they will work their networking marketing business twenty (20) hours a week, and they lose their consistency by week three (3) this will hurt their business. Success habits are just that – habits. And, when the right ones are in place success becomes inevitable.

success habits

You will find this helpful: An excerpt from a blog we did on creating a basic routine;

Steps to Create a Basic Routine

1. Take a look at your calendar for the last 30 days. How many income producing activities do you have listed each day? — Go on, make a list.

2. From that list, what three (3) activities each day that have income producing potential will you commit to?

3. Focus on 15-30 minute blocks of time, not large chunks.

4. Consider getting an accountability partner.

(Full post can be found here >> Create a Basic Routine for your Network Marketing Business)

Coach Fryer TipSome of the things that you should include in your daily routine are Personal Development, Gratitude & Affirmations, Content Creation. 

#3 Commit to your Personal Development

The power of personal development and the effect it has on your success both in your personal life and in your business is among one of the most important success habits.

The truth is that not everyone comes into network marketing as diamond. In fact, rarely anyone does. While there are systems and resources in place that make it possible, you have to put an effort into developing the skills of top earners and that includes your personal development.

Network marketing success is a result of consistent development in your personal life, conduct, relationships with others, discipline, mental strength, and spirituality. When achieve these things, the other aspects of your life — even outside of your business — also see radical improvements.

‘You are the average of the five people you most associate with’ —Time Ferris

While you want to upgrade your associations in order to succeed in network marketing, what you have actually done is raise your personal standards about associations. And, this not only impacts your income, but your values. Thus, you become better and your character also improves over time because of the quality of people you associate with.

What to do When you ‘Don’t Have the Time’

We know that it is not easy to commit to anything worthwhile. But, if you realize that this is something that must be done, you will learn how to implement personal development into part of your success habits.

The part you may find most difficult is finding (or making) the time. While this is a very real challenge, especially if you have a very busy schedule – we know that we can make time for things that matter.

success habits

Which is more important to you?

Your goal of financial freedom, or your challenge of ‘not having time’?

Your commitment to personal development and success habits, will determine the level of your network marketing Success.

What you focus on will expand!

Each time you say you don’t have the time, you place your focus on your challenge and as a result, you empower it. You have to consciously shift your focus on your goals instead of the challenge(s).

Coach FryerTip: If you can’t do 30 minutes all at once, try 10 minutes of reading in the morning and 10 minutes at night, or split the chapter in two and read half in the morning and the other half at night. Think outside of the box!

Lastly, we hope these three (3) success habits were helpful to you and we would love to hear any other success habits (or hacks) you have found out there!

The most important things are;

  1. Stop reinventing the wheel
  2. Get consistent
  3. Lead with value
  4. Create a daily routine
  5. Commit to your personal development

Be sure to leave us your takeaways and commitment (going forward) in the comment section below! Comments and Feedback are always welcomed and appreciated.

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success habits