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5 Great Rules for Storytelling in Network Marketing

It’s no longer a secret how powerful storytelling in network marketing can be. There are a variety of reasons this is an effective strategy and the most prominent is how relatable stories are.

Think about your prospects – customers or distributors – they need to be able to relate.

And so, there seems to be some confusion in what true storytelling is.

Today’s blog will give you 5 golden rules to be the most effective in how you are sharing your stories.

If you are a little unsure to their power, have a look at any big brands around you. Gone are the days even in commercials, where brands are simply pushing products. They are typically accompanied with a micro story and a clear testimonial of some sort. The type of testimonial that addresses a pain point your potential consumer encounters.

Pay attention to this type of delivery.

And, combined with your interpretation of them and these 5 strategies — you’re in a great position to crush it in your content!

5 Great Rules for Storytelling in Network Marketing


Are you familiar with Pixar?

Just in case you’re not, Pixar is an American computer animation film studio based in Emeryville, California and is a subsidiary of The Walt Disney brand. So, you will probably agree with me that storytelling is in their ‘blood’.

These 5 rules or strategies were derived on part of their framework and in my opinion, couldn’t be more appropriate for our incredible industry of network marketing.

Make them Universal 


Great storytelling is about taking a piece of the naturally occurring human ‘things’ like;

  1. birth
  2. growth
  3. emotions
  4. aspirations
  5. conflicts

… and conveying it into something unique.

One way you can do this is to pull apart the stories you like. Break them down into elements about what you love about them. Those are real feelings you’re having and you have to recognize them in order to tell a great story.

Basically, self realization and awareness are at the the root of all great storytelling.

You are human and people will relate to that.

Share the Purpose with Clear Structure


Pixar has used a story structure called, ‘The Story Spine’ to create so many films we know and love. Therefore, let’s take a quick look into that strategy.

Once upon a time there was [blank].

Every day, [blank].

One day [blank].

Because of that, [blank].

Until finally [blank].

Use this formula, and modify where necessary, to create your unique stories that you will share with your audience. This, is among one of the golden rules for storytelling in network marketing.

Get familiar with it.

The Best Stories Appeal to Emotions


Psychologists generally agree that there are 6 basic emotions:

  1. anger
  2. disgust
  3. fear
  4. happiness
  5. sadness
  6. surprise

The more you learn about how these emotions can be pulled out by your audience in the stories you are sharing, the higher conversion rates for sales or sign ups. Think about your own emotional responses in your stories.

Ask yourself how you can create those same emotions for your audience while they consume your content.

The Best Stories offer Surprise or Unexpected Results 


This is among the tougher rules for storytelling in network marketing (sorry!)

However, as mentioned above when you tap into your own emotions recreating the feelings for others becomes a whole lot easier. Think about when you tell your story, or listen to someone else’s, your jaw drops maybe even a small gasp comes out and you’re in shock!

Those are some of the greatest moments in storytelling.

Too often we see the same rags to rich stories told over and over again. Eventually, your audience becomes immune to the same old story, right?

So think about how you can create that surprise emotion and follow up almost immediately with HOW you worked your way out. This doesn’t mean worked your way out to millions of dollars — sharing simply how you found yourself again and your happiness is plenty!

Storytelling should be Simple and Focused


Ever watch a movie or find yourself listening to someones story and you’re totally lost? It’s like you’re left feeling as if you missed the point, a detail or just seems to be jumping all over the place?

Avoid this in your storytelling content.

Keep the details simple and set the framework with minimal (but enough) details that people can feel themselves in that moment.

One way to find out if your story is easy to follow is to tell it to a friend who has never heard it before. Watch to see where they pause and what questions they might have for you.

Keeping it simpler, IS better.

Overall, knowing the rules of storytelling in network marketing, and implementing them, is crucial. In many ways it’s always been a beneficial skill to learn but now I firmly believe it to be critical.

Are you currently using storytelling in your business? Let me know in the comments below!

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