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You’ve heard it already; Facts tell, stories sell, right? Of course. And yet, there are so many incredible people who have yet to share their story. Or, they are unsure how to share it in a way that people will care. Now yes, there are some key points you want to include of course — but it’s much simpler than you might think.


Because the story is about you. That makes you, the expert.

Here’s what we know … everyone has a story to tell. And, for the purposes of this post we will focus on crafting a story that is suitable for your social media. This can include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. We mention this because your ‘bio‘ is where your story should begin.

Recently, we offered a free Facebook Profile Audit on one of posts — and what we found was that most people in fact, had an empty or incomplete bio or ‘About Me’ section.

Guess what? Anyone viewing your profile will in turn no very little about you. So, why would they want to connect with you? Chances are pretty good they wouldn’t bother.

Character limits, emojis even spacing are all really key in crafting your story for the purposes of your bio. The social media storylittle snippet that is displayed on your profile (Facebook shown here) should tell you everything you need to knowing a nut shell (Featured Photos included).

Using a notes section on your mobile phone is our recommended way of writing our your bio first before posting. Platforms like Instagram and Twitter for example, won’t allow you to make spaces on the profile itself, but will if you copy and paste from notes to your platform of choice.

What does your Bio say About you?

Does the glimpse into your story relayed through your profile entice you to want to get to know you any better? Do you appear like someone you would want to get to know? Maybe learn from?

Having an updated mini version of your personal story in your profile is so underdone. And, as network marketers you should always be looking for a way to stand out, right?

To the right and bottom of this image, you can see I have included my Instagram link and my website. Please note your story is not your network marketing company. It is more than likely your vehicle for changing lives and earning income, but it has no place on your profile. Especially not the first thing someone visiting your page is going to see.

Areas you Should Cover when Developing your Story

… even without results yet. Results sell, we get it. And, most people unless they’re a few years into their career have a super impressive income story to share. However, why doesn’t the stay at home mom earning $500.00 a month extra for her home blow you away? Or, maybe the grown man who has finally been able to pay off his student loans. Or, how about that young married couple who earn enough to travel together several times a year.

These stories matter too (and often more than the big ones) and how you position them, matters.

Let’s assume you just joined your network marketing company a month ago. You approach one of your friends about your business and they seem relatively interested. But then, the dreaded question comes … ‘so how much have you made so far?

Sound familiar?

It is possible that it was in this stage you found yourself a little tongue tied, maybe you went into excuse mode, or started talking about this person you know who made a million a month, etc. Please, stop this. Yes there are instances for sure that borrowing an sponsors story is incredibly powerful. But, not always. After all, this is your friend they already know, like and trust you.

We want to suggest you do this one main thing …

Share your vision. Tell them where you’re going!

Too often, people are quick to edify someone else where starting with ourselves is the optimal place to start. Especially, in hot, warm and lukewarm markets. And, since we know that most people who are involved in network marketing only want to earn an extra $500 – $1000 a month, there is no need for the big number dropping.

The following list are 6 things you want to ensure you cover in your story or share;

  1. Who are you? (Share a little about you, what you do full-time, similar to a mini bio)
  2. Why were you looking for opportunity? (extra income, time freedom, travel, etc.)
  3. How did you find your business? (online, a friend, saw an ad)
  4. Why did you join? (be authentic – what had you make that decision)
  5. What results have you seen or, where are you going? (results peak interest, don’t have a success story yet? Borrow one from your sponsor or team, show people who you are working with)
  6. What has excited you the most? (the vision you have, goals, things you can do, etc.)

Spend some time answering these questions for yourself and you will find the more you tell it the easier it becomes. In some instances it may require a few tweaks but learn and adjust. You have a story to share — it’s time you focus on telling it to more people, more often.

Keep tuned into this blog where we will have new storytelling content coming soon to help you dive even a little bit deeper. If you like how that sounds definitely leave a comment below.

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