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Stay Motivated | Think Bigger, Do Bigger

Have you ever felt like days just come and go? That feeling of today is just another day? No real drive to push harder, try something new, meet that deadline, speak to that new person, and so on? Would it surprise you if you knew that you are not alone in that feeling, at all in fact? So, how do we get out of that business rut? How do you push through those comfortable times? How do you stay motivated. Unfortunately, it’s a big problem that each and everyone of us can fall in to. Could I go as far even to even call it a trap.

Let me share a little story with you – 5 to 6 months ago business was going well for me, coaching business was thriving – all was going very well. But I fell into that trap – that dreaded, today is just another day, trap, for a couple of weeks, and I found I stopped challenging myself. I found it difficult to stay motivated to push to new heights. Thankfully, I was able to recognize that, and I knew I needed to take the necessary steps to change it.

I needed accountability. 

Because let’s be honest, there are times, that those days, turn into weeks, and even turn into months, when stay motivatedwe’re stuck in that downward, complacent, hard to stay motivated state.

In life and in business, I was playing too small. I was becoming OK with blending in. I don’t have a magical reason why this is, or even how it came about. Some studies might suggest it’s because we attained a goal, and failed to plan a new one, a bigger one. We get caught up in that feeling of YES! I did it, and then we sit there. What I am suggesting to you is this…

Think bigger and then do bigger. 

Let me share with you a few of my personal reasons that I believe this difficulty to stay motivated, happens.

I believe …

  • We can all become addicted to fear once we remain complacent.
  • We tend to stay in our bubble of comfortable – we do this to avoid risk, and the opportunity for change.
  • If we remain thinking the same, or small, we do not grow.

Comfort is a state that doesn’t experience growth. 

Ask yourself before you go to bed – did you get uncomfortable today?

This past week I had a statistic that absolutely blew me away. I was chatting with a colleague, a friend of mine and he said this ‘The odds are, 400 trillion to one’. Here I was left wondering, what odds? What is 400 trillion to one? He replied with, ‘those are the odds that you were even born’.


You are here for a reason, a reason potentially even greater than you might even be able to imagine. You are here to unlock your potential – and I’m here to tell you – it’s time to get to work.

Time for us, me included, to stop playing and thinking small.

A Few Coach Fryer Tips to Stay Motivated

  1. Complete the uncomfortable task earlier in the day – it will help push you through the rest.
  2. Seek out accountability – group or private coaching – an accountability group, etc.
  3. Think Big, Dream Big – and then do that. Plan, Execute, Repeat.

stay motivatedI knew what the next step was for me, and it scared me. Believe me it scared me. Not just the financial commitment I was making (into the tens of thousands), but the fact that I knew this coach was not going to let me just slide on by. I knew he was going to hold me accountable to the realistic, but big enough goals I needed to set for myself.

I made a decision that I was worth it. My business was worth it (and needed it). My family deserved it.

I mean, what is the worst thing that could happen?

I’d stay the same.

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