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How to Start Network Marketing | Super Simple Breakdown

How to start network marketing – almost sounds a bit intimidating, doesn’t it? The good news is, that in this post we want to take away the overwhelm and help break the word itself into something more familiar. Think about the words separately …



We believe, that once you break them into their own entities that when they come together they are incredibly powerful. And this, is what you have your hands on – right now.

How to Network for your Business

Want to meet new prospects? How would a solid funnel of new leads sounds for your business? The primary way to make this happen is to get yourself out there. Whether this be offline or online, the principle doesn’t change.

Your network is your net worth.

As you continue to add quality people to your network regularly, you will be amazed at the people you will meet and be introduced to. We have met some of the most incredible people as a result of someone else’s network. The more you put yourself out there when you start network marketing, the less leg work you will have to do later in your career.

Why? Because once you set a solid foundation by establishing strong network connections, they act almost like a ripple. And this ripple, will continue to expose you to new networks for years to come. It’s not always what you know – instead it can come down to who you know.

Coach Fryer Tip: We encourage (and challenge) you to reach out to 5-10 new people every single day. Start working those contacts and if their answer is ‘not right now’ – ask for referrals. Make it your purpose to complete this goal daily.

Let’s Start Network Marketing …

At its basic level, marketing is about determining the value of your product or service and communicating that information to customers. This might include things like;

  1. Content (on different mediums)
  2. Videos
  3. Participating in Social Media Groups

Most people when they start network marketing have no real idea of what that means. Or, entails.

Marketing ‘experts’ say that there are four factors that influence purchasing decisions. These 4 factors are known as the marketing mix or the four Ps:

  1. Product: What are you going to sell?
  2. Price: What are the product prices/sales?
  3. Place: Where will people buy your product?
  4. Promotion: How will people find out about your product?

Although these 4 P’s are dictated by your company – let’s throw a 5th P in and call it, position. How you position your product or service matters. This is something you CAN control (and should).

What is important to know is that marketing is only a small piece of the puzzle and, it needs other components to work effectively. Specifically though, when you start network marketing – focus on relationships. The rest, will come.Commit to the process of learning marketing daily and eventually, you will have cultivated some great skills!

Overall, once you understand the true meaning of these 2 words – your business will change. Often, we see clients and colleagues become so overwhelmed with wanting to learn it all when the basics would have delivered the answer. When you start network marketing follow those who have come before you and commit to your journey of attaining success!

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start network marketing