standing out in network marketing

Standing Out in Your Network Marketing Company

Have you ever found yourself saying ‘gosh everything feels so saturated’? You scroll your social media newsfeeds and it seems everyone is selling the same products and/or services that you are? You might find yourself wondering how standing out in your network marketing company is even possible!

If this sounds at all familiar, this post and video are for you.

Standing Out Should be a Priority

First and foremost if you are following the spam fest that can exist on social media, you will look just like everyone else. Consider the things that make you different. What makes you unique?

Experiment with this a little bit; what posts cause you to stop your scroll?

Chances are, you are not stopping not the sales-y posts or the ones where you just get that gross ‘I’m being sold’ feeling. You’re whipping by, right? So, if you are creating these style posts what makes your audience any different? Why would they stop when you look just like everyone else?

Standing out with your content is a sure way to help others stop the scroll on your posts. Maybe it’s your personal images or narrative posts that are intriguing. Or, you have a ton of value, tips and tricks to share and you do so, without expectation.

Don’t lose sight of how powerful the action of giving is.

Focus more on creating content that your friends and followers will find valuable. Then, execute that consistently. How can you ask for a sale when you’ve given nothing to earn that trust? Your valuable content WILL help you stand out from the rest and that’s where the magic happens.

Product Business vs. People Business

… which one are you in?

I hope you went with the latter.

One of the primary ways of standing out in your business is remembering people come before sales. Think about the beginning or end of the month in the network marketing industry. You would think people forgot how to treat others, right? All people are desperate for are those sales or recruits.

Stop that, please.

Not only is it not a good look for you but it leaves a horrible taste in peoples mouths about the industry as a whole. You aren’t a person because of what you sell, right? Put people first — earn their trust — trust will almost always equate to sales and/or referrals.

THAT is what you want to be known for after all, isn’t it?

A good person?

Focus on who you are and the expertise and value you can offer your audience and roll with that. Patience and consistency will help you build a long-term sustainable business without losing your integrity along the way.

Need some tips on how to create content that will have you standing out? Maybe you need some pointers on how to brand who you are? Just reach out — helping people in these situations is what I love the most!


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