Social Impacter Society Rules

The Social Impacter Community Rules


The Social Impacter FREE Facebook community is a place for all network marketers who have a common goal of doing and BEING better on social media come together to share insights, tips, ask questions, get answers and most importantly support one another.

We run a tight ship and are committed to a spam-free environment.

We have a ZERO tolerance policy for not following the rules and you will be removed and
banned if not followed….

1 – Self promotion is NOT allowed (unless otherwise approved by an admin or admin thread).

What does this mean?

– No mention of your company products, services, outside courses, events or programs…or anything that feeds to your bottom line.

– No promoting your company webinar, call, training, etc.

– No links to be osted whatsoever, unless third party resource that is beneficial to the topic being discussed.

2 – Serve, Contribute, Praise

Serve – your goal in this community, and for all social media should always be “how can I best serve?” Being a Social Impacter, you are committed to serving and helping others!

Contribute – There will be MANY posts daily in this community. Do your very best to add VALUE to others threads, questions and posts. Also, feel free to create your own posts you will could be helpful to others (no links)! In order to receive, we must GIVE! Develop a mindset of giving!

Praise – If you recently accomplished a new rank, promotion or achieved a new win, would you appreciate praise? Of course! As others experience small wins, and/or accomplishments, praise and love on them as if they were on your team! Our profession is about building one another up (this will be GREAT practice for you and your team)!

3 – No Posting of Videos

– No posting or sharing your own videos (live or pre-recorded) whether it is from your personal profile, your FB page, your YouTube account or your website unless granted Influencer status!

4 – Motivational/Inspirational Content

– Yes we all know how important motivational wisdom is to our profession, but please limit your motivational posts to 2 per week! As this community grows, relevant content, questions and helpful insight will be of most value!

5 – No Solicitation

– There is a zero tolerance for any solicitation, or attempt to solicit any other member. This includes telling someone to message you for more info, encouraging them to check out your page, site, to anything similar. This also includes adding numerous members with intent to pitch, poach, and/or promote your products, service or opportunity. Do NOT message other members with an agenda. Again, zero tolerance for violating these terms as this is a safe-haven for all.

6 – Positivity ONLY

– There is no room for negativity here! Any mention of dirty laundry, or woe is me attitude, you will be booted! Every person here wants to do and be better and this positive environment will be their rock!

7 – No PM’ing Admins

– Please send all inquiries and questions regarding the Social Impacters Community to

How to Get the MOST Out of The Social Impacters Community

– Strive to be helpful, give value to others, and treat others with respect at ALL times.

– Your purpose for being here should be to become a Social Impacter! Your goals are to learn, grow and leverage social media in a way that BEST represents you, your team, company and network marketing profession!

– Show up daily, but don’t spend ALL day here! Go implement what you are learning!

– Don’t take and not GIVE! The more you give, the more you shall receive!

– Have fun, connect, build relationships! The Social Impacter communtiy will only grow to be as strong as the relationships formed here are! We love our community!

– We encourage you to add your teams here! This should be in the top 3-steps of helping your new distributor get started!

– By being here, you are committed to learning the values associated with becoming a Social Impacter!

We hold high values and know that we ARE making a HUGE difference within the network marketing profession when it comes to how we use social media!

– Welcome to our family #SocialImpacter