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6 Social Media Trends to Keep Watching in 2020

More than 3.2 Billion people are active on social media. How wild is that when you really think about how many people that is? Blows my mind every time, I promise. And so, it’s why it’s always so crazy to me when people say the market is saturated. Because let’s be real, no one has saturated 3 Billion people, right? But, where you’re spending time online, matters. In this blog, I’m going to share what I believe to be the top 6 social media trends to keep watching in 2020.

These trends in my opinion, are best for those who have little to no budget when it comes to marketing but, are prepared to stay consistent with  their time (and effort).

6 Social Media Trends to Keep Watching in 2020

Keep in mind, these suggestions are not always a one size fits all. You want to always consider who your ideal customers are and the best way to determine that is with your customer avatar.

Yes, this matters anywhere online. How can you possibly know who you’re speaking to otherwise?

Say Goodbye to Instagram ‘Likes’

This platform, is the latest in a long list of social media platforms looking to make likes less important. You will no longer be able to see the number of likes other Instagram posts get, although you can still see likes on your own posts.

There has been way too much emphasis on likes over the years and let’s be honest it was more so about vanity than quality. Will we see other platforms follow suit? Guess we’ll find out!

Social Shopping is on the Rise

In the decade or so, social platforms have played a significant role in growing e-commerce into a multibillion dollar industry in the U.S. Truth is, social shopping is now a HUGE part of social media.

Users now, expect and want to have access to brands and products through social platforms. How do you engage them? Well, the key is to create a high level of interest through curiosity and engaging storytelling.

Less and Less Public Interactions

The next of our social media trends to watch is, focusing more on private conversations. As our social media friends lists become enormous, and concerns about privacy grow, more users are turning to private groups and messaging to connect with others. Messaging apps like;

  1. Facebook Messenger
  2. WhatsApp
  3. Instagram Messaging

… allow us to create more intimate groups where we can feel safe in sharing private and detailed information with others. We already know Facebook specifically is putting a larger emphasis on community and this could very well be, one of the reasons.

Your Audience wants to Connect with you

Entrepreneurs and network marketers must find ways to create more private, intimate connections with their audiences without becoming too invasive. This will likely come down to building communities where your message is relevant, but where you are also receptive to direct messaging.

Now, this is where time management will come in super helpful for those with larger communities because, we don’t want you totally consumed in your inbox either. However, even with a thriving group don’t forget about that inbox — we know people want to connect and connections drive sales.

Authentic Content is Everything!

User-generated content (testimonies, reviews, etc.) provide some proof of concept for the product you are ‘selling’. These are beneficial and please do not lose sight of these in your marketing. Included in these social media trends I would encourage you to please continue to stay away from those copy and paste style posts. You need to bring you every time.

After all, if we know your audience is craving connection — who are they connecting with if you’re not even putting out your own content?

Build Trust through Social Media

Remember that social media isn’t just a platform for marketing and advertising. It can  truly the best place to develop trust and build a relationship with your audience. Social media gives you the incredible opportunity for communicating your values and engaging with prospects on their level.

Showing your human side and transparency will build confidence with them. Focus on fun, simple engagement, be responsive to communication, and find meaningful ways to foster those relationships.

Being a human first should never have to be mentioned as social media trends but .. it felt necessary!

Which social media trends have you noticed or, taking part in?

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