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Social Media Storytelling Step-By-Step for Social Media

Seth Godin says marketing is, “the art of telling a story that resonates with your audience and then spreads”. And, what we know in the network marketing profession is stories ‘sell’, right? However, the art of social media storytelling goes well beyond the home based business scope — it’s business, period.

Good business I should add.

Over the last 10 years or so, we have seen a massive shift in the way marketing happens. And, we believe that network marketers were at the cutting edge of this. Why? Because this business started in the relationship marketing space not in competition for ad space or budgets.

I believe, everyone (you included) has s story to share.

This post is designed to give you the simplest formula (and ideal place to start) in getting your story out there. I want your story to reach well beyond your existing social media audiences even. I believe when executed effectively, every story has viral potential.

Are you ready?

Social Media Storytelling Steps for Network Marketers


We all love stories.

Whether they be around the breakfast table or roasting marshmallows at a campfire there are stories for every occasion. When we look at stories on a marketing platform every brand is telling one these days, right? (feel free to drop some of your favorite brand stories in the comments)

We look at companies like AirBnB documenting travellers memories around the world as an example. They draw us in.

So much so, we entertain the idea of booking our own travel even (guilty!)

Effective storytelling steps include, a beginning, middle (climax), and an end. The same process you may have used way back in grade school even. The format is as historical as things go. The only difference is the delivery has advanced or pain points have shifted.

Format and emotion however, same golden rule.

As you go through the following steps, I would encourage you to grab your notebook and pen and answer the questions or points as we go. I recommend this for 2 reasons;

  1. The content is fresh in your mind
  2. You are likely to execute it if you start now

Social Media Storytelling Step 1


Who are you? This is not a stage introduction, get down to the nitty gritty. The ‘who’ can include where you are coming from, where you’re at and lastly where you are going. Maybe you are a parent, brag on those kids! Or, perhaps you are a tradesman, share your daily grind.

In this step is where you remind your audience that you are human. You are a real person just like them. In fact, the more relatable the better. This is where the connection begins.

Social Media Storytelling Step 2


Build the Bridge.

Before — Describe the world with Problem (x)

After — Imagine what it’d be like having Problem (x) solved.

Bridge — Here’s how to get there.

The problem, can be anything that your product or service, can remedy. Whether it be better skin, healthier gut, more energy, fuller hair, better telephone or cruelty free makeup. The bridge is where you invite ‘them’ in with something relatable, where you share your experience, and offer to help them do the same.

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Social Media Storytelling Step 3


Do not overthink this process. It is your story, no one can tell it better than you! One of the key points that has stuck with me over the years are these 3 things to keep in mind before you share your story;

  1. Check your gut – Is this going to be interesting?
  2. Check your format – What is the best way to tell it?
  3. Identify the medium – Where will your audience consume your story?

Answering these few questions will lead you exactly where you want to go. The best part is, you already know the answers. Think of where you are presently seeing the most ‘traction’ overall. If you are seeing the most engagement on Facebook — creating a YouTube Channel shouldn’t even be up for discussion. Sure, you’ll get there but stick with where you’re at now.

Do not overcomplicate things. Not now anyway.

Social Media Storytelling Step 4


Do not rush the process. Your story may be best suited over a number of posts or videos. Peaking curiosity works just as effectively here as it does with your company content. You want people wanting to know more. In fact, peaking someone’s curiosity with your personal journey is far more likely to attract messages and engagement than any other ‘marketing’ strategy right now.

Go with what you feel comfortable in sharing and be vulnerable. And, don’t forget to share with your ‘audience’ that you are being vulnerable, this increase the interest and attention far beyond any fancy buzz word.

In closing, Stop using the ‘F’ word(s). Followers are actually your people! A following is your community!

Please don’t forget to treat them like that! This way of thinking will also help you deliver your message in a much more authentic way too — try it. As effective as storytelling can be, it is important to always remember that on social media you may only have a few seconds to communicate a story.

Always, put your best foot forward and have fun!

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