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Social Media No-No’s for Direct Sales Consultants

This post is for you if you are in the direct sales or network marketing space. Like anything new, it can feel like throwing noodles at the wall to see if they’ll stick. And, trial and error can be great learning experiences. However, in this post I’m going to help you with 3 social media no-no’s I see direct sales consultants STILL making.

Knowing where we’re ‘going wrong’ is important, right? It helps us avoid making the same mistakes over and over again. When it comes to the mistakes I’m referring to — these are ones that are not only causing your business not to grow but also, working against you.

Chances are you fall into one of these categories;

  1. Didn’t know any better
  2. Were misguided by someone (an upline, ‘guru’, etc.)
  3. Thought you would try and reinvent the wheel


The good news is you are NOT alone and once you identify where the no-no’s are happening, you can change them.

Stop Making These Social Media No-No’s


Every day 100’s of people join the direct sales and network marketing industry for the first time. They are sold on the dream of residual income and freedom.

And, the first thing they do is jump online and spew all over their social media channels that they just joined a network marketing opportunity! Let’s stop that, OK? I’m thrilled that you’re excited, in fact that excitement is contagious BUT … these posts don’t work. Unfortunately, they actually hurt you before you even have an opportunity to get started.

If you need ideas for your first post or opportunity to share — please connect with me, I WANT to help you.

Let’s Dive in.

You are Hosting Live Parties on your Personal Page


The first of the social media no-no’s I want to talk about today are those Live parties on your pages. Yes, I am a firm believer in live videos and YES action taking is amazing … but I strongly encourage you to keep it off your personal page.

My primary recommendation is to host these parties in a Private Facebook Group. Sure, you can announce your party on your page … something that peaks curiosity or even invites people to join in the fun … but run the live party in a group.

You are BEGGING People to Host Parties for you


Next up on the social media no-no’s that direct sales consultants are making is creating posts ‘looking for hosts’ for their next party. I get it, your business benefits from having others host parties for you. Often they come with great incentives for hosts and why wouldn’t anyone want to take advantage of that, right?

Wrong … quit making blanket statements to an audience that might not even fall into the category of being your ideal customer! The BEST hosts will come from your current customers (I promise!). Or, they could come from someone who caught a valuable piece of content you created and they want to know more.

But begging for hosts are along the same lines as the posts that are seeking other consultant or distributors (you know the ones ….) — nobody enjoys these so let’s stop doing those too, OK?

You are Generating Content on the Fly


The last of the social media no-no’s I want to touch on today is to the consultants who simply do NOT have a social media plan. They’re creating content on the fly with no real purpose or value and throwing it out there.

‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’.— Benjamin Franklin

If you would like help creating a social media plan that will help you generate new sales and/or consultants in 72 hours … we NEED to connect. I want to invite you for a trial (only $1.00) into my Virtual Impact Academy . Because, these are the wins that our community or direct sales consultants and network marketers are seeing. So, why not you?

I’m excited to see you CRUSH your business and can’t wait to hear more about it! The first step to crushing it is avoiding these social media no-no’s at ALL costs!

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social media no-no's