Social Media Marketing Mistakes

The Biggest Social Media Marketing Mistakes

(updated June 2020) Social media marketing is something that everyone is doing now. Whether you are an established business or brand new to the world of entrepreneurship making sure you’re doing it right is the goal. Everyone wants to jump on the trend of making their brand known on platforms like Facebook, right? Why? Because, that’s where the people are! However, there are some common social media marketing mistakes that many marketers are still making.

Here are a few;

  1. Why do some people excel in engagement while others hear crickets?
  2. Why are your ‘competitors’ doing better in social media marketing?
  3. What promises are you making and not catering to?
  4. Are you being a human or are you a robot?
  5. Is your content authentic and true to who you are as a person?

Everybody Makes Mistakes

Social media marketers are no different. Although this is OK to lean on every now and again, recognizing that you are making them and adjusting is necessary.

Otherwise, your business will suffer.

Like all mistakes, including social media marketing mistakes, the first step is becoming aware of the problem

Applied knowledge is powerful.

The biggest mistake we see more often than we can count is this — No social media strategy!

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Here’s the deal, the truth is you may not know any differently. It is even possible you were taught these bad habits from someone else who likely had your best interests in mind, but they themselves just don’t know any different. Today however is where the excuses end.


The Two Biggest Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Let’s start with negativity (odd I know). But seriously, at some point every brand or business will receive negative comments or opinions on their posts. The comments may be in reference to a product or service or they may even be a personal attack on you. This seems to happen more and more as you climb the success ladder – so being prepared is the goal.

Usually, our first instinct is to delete it.

Alternatively, we want to be defensive.

In my humble opinion? Neither are effective and fall into the world of social media marketing mistakes. Because how you respond to negativity can actually be even more effective. Now, we are not suggesting you engage in anything more than a quick response — because more than that could have the opposite effect we’re after here.

Here are a few suggestions on how you could respond to a negative comment;

  1. Family member who dislikes network marketing. ‘Gosh Jane, I’m sorry that’s been your experience’. End it there, this is not the place for you to go into explanation mode on your perspective or options of the said complaint. Take the opportunity to acknowledge Jane, and that you are genuinely sorry.
  2. Previous dissatisfied customer of yours who seemed to just vanish. ‘Jane I hope you’ve been well, I would have loved the opportunity to rectify that for you, never too late!’. Again, this won’t be the place to back and forth in a discussion but you’ve opened the door to ‘fix’ her problem, and you’ve shown your audience that you are someone who cares about your customers. Someone that you will be there for them in case they decide to purchase.
  3. Crossline pitch or Competitor leaving a link on your page. ‘Jane, wow hi you make quite the entrance, not a comment I was expecting on my page that’s for sure’. This one can be a hit or miss. To some degree your audience is looking to you — not someone they don’t know. Additionally, you could follow up with a private message to ‘Jane’ and share how you don’t love that she’s done that. Or, this could be a case where deleting it and moving on is necessary.

How you Respond, says a lot about you.

Don’t underestimate the power in a classy response. Although it may fall upon ears not ready to hear you, the positive affect it will have to others watching (and they are watching) will be much bigger.

Social Media Marketing Mistakes will happen, do your best to correct and move forward.

As a side note I am not suggesting comments of a discriminatory nature, or outright ignorance be left for the world to see. Invite those type of comments to the block and delete side of social media.

The Set it and Forget it

Now, you might be saying to yourself ‘this sounds GREAT! why would this be one of the biggest social media marketing mistakes?!’. And, my answer would be this; you become unplugged from your audience and risk not being authentic.

Let me explain a little more.

So many people love to try (or rely) on these automatic Facebook (or other) posting platforms. And sure, at face value they appear to help free up your time to do other things but what we are finding is that they are doing far more harm than good.

Let me be clear though.

Planning your content is crucial.

I also believe as I shared in this post; How to Create a Content Calendar for Network Marketers that having a calendar is key. None of this means you need to schedule it to run on auto pilot for 10, 20 or 30 days (some as many as 90 days – yikes!) I believe, there is a time and place for these approaches — however I promise that now is not one of them.

Relationship Marketing is a Two-Way Street

To some degree I believe as professionals it is your obligation to stay plugged into your team, customers, and so on. This does not mean spoon feeding, or holding their hands — but it does mean being active.

It means, engaging with your audience the way you want them to engage with you.

Think back to a time that you commented on a brands page and received some automatic reply — you probably didn’t love it. Or, think of a time you were scrolling the newsfeed and saw a great post and then realized it also said ‘posted by Buffer’.

Sorry Buffer — I think you offer a great service but torn between where it fits in the relationship marketing space (especially early on).

Consider this, you rock out the best Facebook Live ever! Engagement is through the roof, people are asking questions in the comments, shares are exploding and *poof* you are gone. Any predictions on what happens on your next Facebook Live?

Probably not the same results as the last.

Final Thoughts on Social Media Marketing Mistakes

We can practice the same bad habits over and over, but in the end they’re still bad habits. When your audience feels connected to you, authentically, they can be forgiving.

Focus on bringing positivity to a negative space whenever possible. Addressing it professionally, and with a well thought out response that isn’t defensive or dismissive, can go a long way.

Keep relationships at the forefront of your business. You would hate to walk into a retail store looking for help and no sales associate to be found, right?

You social media audience is looking for you — be there.

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Social Media Marketing Mistakes