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Social Media Content Strategy for Network Marketing

In the world of social media or attraction marketing, the goal is to help potential customers find you. In addition, build a strong relationship with them that will eventually, lead to sales. To attract customers, you need compelling social media content that is designed to help your business stand out from what everyone else is doing.

Attracting Others to you, Through your Social Media Content

Your content—articles, social media posts, videos, podcasts and so on—should be interesting and relevant to customers, positioning yourself as an industry leader and a trusted person to buy from or do business with.

You have to be genuine and your content has to be of value to customers. When it comes to online marketing, content really is ‘king/queen’.

However, creating that content can be a daunting task for many entrepreneurs. The good news is that it’s easier to create than you might think. And, we’re hoping that we can help you move forward in this area and build the business you deserve.

10 Tips for Creating a Social Media Content Strategy

#1 Be Observant — Watch and Learn

Look at what others are doing in the network marketing industry. This should include what others are doing locally and internationally. How do distributors use Facebook, videos and live videos to create engagement with their audience?

We’re not suggesting you get out here and play ‘copy cat‘, but we are suggesting you see what others are doing effectively, and grab a page out of their book. Especially, when what they are putting out there is something you can relate to.

#2 Determine what your Audience Likes

What expertise do you have that could be turned into content? For example, a health and wellness distributor could focus on healthy recipes or body hacks. Alternatively, a skin care rep could share beauty tips and how to treat your skin.

In this post, ‘Discover your Audience Profile‘ we share ways to discover who they are. When you know the ‘who’ your social media content strategy can be geared towards that.

#3 Complete an Inventory on Yourself

Look for existing social media content that you have shared previously, with success. You may be able to easily revise and use existing client success stories, tips and tricks, etc. This will not only help you save incredible amounts of time, but have a better idea of how this social media content will translate because you’ve ‘been here before’.

This social media content strategy is sometimes referred to as repurposing content.

#4 Social Media Content — Be Strategic

Develop a social media content strategy to engage customers and tell your story over time. Create a narrative about your journey. As part of the strategy, make a schedule for posting content regularly and be disciplined about updating it. Don’t just randomly throw things out there when the spirit moves you.

Even if you have the most powerful social media content strategy known to ever exist — if you are not consistent in its implementation, it won’t matter.

#5 Stop Being Salesy

Remember you want to engage with people and build relationships. Becoming a billboard for your company (instead of you) will only hurt in the long run. There is a reason that the network marketing and direct sales industry leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths — social media turned everyone into a sales person. Whereas, simply being an authentic person is much more powerful.

#6 Encourage and Ask for Engagement

Ask your friends for feedback, opinions, thoughts, and all things in between. Social media content posts that promote curiosity or interaction are key! Naturally, humans love to share their thoughts on things that matter. And, don’t overthink this either! Some of my Chipotle posts garner a ton of attention on a Taco Tuesday for example.

#7 Be a Human, First

Use photos and videos to give people a peak behind the scenes of who you are! Research indicates that photos and video create more audience engagement than plain text posts more often than not. Be mindful about your profile picture for example — make sure it is a clear picture of you. Additionally, your cover photo — what does it say about you?

Be personable wherever possible. While maintaining your authenticity and genuine character.

#8 Have Fun — Seriously

Delivering value, authentic social media content, etc. are all great — but don’t forget to have a little fun! After all, one of the reasons people even get involved in network marketing is because of the culture. And, it is often the fun culture that is attractive. People love to laugh — elicit that.

Remember the saying …

‘People won’t always remember what you said, but they’ll always remember how you made them feel’

#9 Create a Content Calendar

One of the key things in helping you stay consistent is having a game plan. A social media content strategy is only as effective as its execution. In this calendar, start with planning out a few days at a time. This should include; days, times, type of content, etc. You may want to touch on public holidays, upcoming events, and more.

Your social media content should include a variety of different delivery methods as well;

  1. written posts
  2. video content
  3. live video content
  4. images

A suggestion we’d like to include here is be sure to test out this social media content calendar for at least 30 days. This will give you a decent timeframe to evaluate how effective it was. And in turn, will give you a better idea where things can improve or where tweaks can be made or, where you can keep rocking your vibe!

#10 Help Solve Problems

Give your audience the tools and resources to help themselves. By making things easier for others, you build trust. Trust strengthens our relationships and in turn, creates more customers and distributors in our organizations.


Overall, every action you take on social media should be a part of a larger social media content strategy. This means every post, reply, like, and comment should be guided by a plan that is driving towards your business goals.

It may sound complicated, but if you take the time to create a social media content strategy, the rest of your social efforts should follow naturally.

Everyone can do this if they approach it correctly.

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