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Social Media Audit for the Digital Entrepreneurs

Performing a social media audit in my opinion is just as important as your social media marketing strategy. It helps you identify where your time is best spent, where you are most effective (and least) and, helps to identify trouble areas especially in profile areas.

When is the last time you performed an audit on yourself?

Good practice, is to perform one every quarter. It’s a decent way to keep track and a short enough time to make necessary changes should they be required. This post is going to provide you with an ideal outline of what you should be looking for and, how to stay on course with your online goals.

Your Social Media Audit Checklist

Examine your social media profiles

  1. Locate and document all your social media profiles
  2. Check for completion of all details on these profiles and for consistency in images
  3. Follow up on your goals and compare performance today to performance one year ago

Check out those who do it well

  1. Find 4 to 8 niche influencers and examine how they manage their profiles
  2. Observe images and branding on each of their profiles
  3. Identify the key metrics like followers and engagement (comments over likes)

Locate ALL of your social media profiles. Taking into account ones you set up and never used (yet) and ones you use regularly. Remember that YouTube Channel you started a few years ago? Yes, even that one!

Whether you’re a pen to paper kind of person or someone who loves spreadsheets, make a table that includes the following;

  1. Social Media platform
  2. The URL
  3. Profile name and short bio
  4. Number of followers
  5. Your last activity date on the platform

Now that you have every single one organized, time to identify which ones you are most active on and for now, omit the irregular ones from your daily activities. Once you’ve narrowed these down ask yourself; why am I using this platform? What are my goals for this medium? Is my target audience here?

Next up? Examine them for consistency.

  1. Are all avatars/images the same?
  2. Do backgrounds and other images follow theme/branding?
  3. Are all descriptions and URLs uniform?

If not, it’s best practice to make this happen. The more consistent you are across social media platforms, the more likely it is for others to recognize you regardless of the platform. This is imperative to your social media audit.

Remember above where I suggested you take note of what influencers in your niche are doing? Make note of activities they are doing that you can incorporate into your business. You can use the same spreadsheet to take note of this. Maybe they are seeing a lot of success with DIY, how-to videos, giveaways, testimonial shares and so on. Where you can, eliminate reinventing the wheel. Roll with what we know is working.

Identify your Goals on Each Platform

In my professional opinion, omit likes from your goals. These are vanity metrics in a lot of ways and it is far more effective to consider comments, shares and messages you receive. Document where you are now and where you’d like to see these numbers in 90 days.

Based on the goals you set, create a content plan that will support what you are after.

Quick Tip: If you have a physical location for your business be sure to add a Google listing along with one from YELP (free). These are GREAT traffic sources and ideal for any business.

A social media audit can feel like a daunting task however, it is the most effective way to evaluate where you’re at, where you want to go and how you’re going to get there.

Is this something you could use some help with? Let me know in the comments!


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