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5 Simple Marketing Strategies | Permission Based Posts

One of the most important and simple marketing strategies out there for entrepreneurs is social media.

Remember to keep the ‘social’ in social media.

Social media is my suggested go-to for marketing — it’s free (unless you’re scaling ads), people are already spending a ton of time there and, you can have a lot of fun with it. However, if all you do is use Facebook to sell your products or services, you’re going to turn people off.

Always be a human first.

Sure, there are plenty of other marketing strategies out there, however … in my opinion, until you’ve reached that 6+ figure income — hold off. Why? Because you can absolutely build a strong business using social media alone.

And when we try to add too many different things in the mix, it can become overwhelming and frankly, frustrating. So in this post I am going to share with you 5 simple marketing strategies that includes a term you may not be totally familiar with yet; permission based posts.

Let’s dive in.

5 Simple Marketing Strategies for Social Media

The goal of these simple marketing strategies is to connect your business’ value to the right prospects . It’s a simple concept but it can take on a million different shades. So, start with this;

  1. What demographics make up your customer base? (current customers)
  2. Where do they live? (geographically)
  3. Where do they hang out online? (websites, social platforms)
  4. How do they look for products in your niche? (online, offline)
  5. Who do the listen when making decisions? (product/service related)

In other words, knowing your customer avatar is the key.

Be sure to take time to answer these questions — they will set you up for less headaches in the future (trust me!).

Master Curiosity Posts

One of my favorite simple marketing strategies for entrepreneurs is creating curiosity posts. These are the posts that generate curiosity (obviously) without coming across spammy or desperate. These style posts never mention a product or service name but they leave enough information that your audience will receive value and prompt them reach out.

Branding Yourself (Instead of your Company)

In the most transparent way possible I need to say this; PLEASE stop showcasing your company over yourself. Because the truth is I hope you are with your current business forever … BUT with all the variables out there one can’t ever be too sure, right? And, when you spend so much time and attention focusing on your company — you just become ‘that person from XYZ company’.

You deserve more than that. Additionally, spending the time to refine who you are (and your brand) will help edify you and help you stand out in a very noisy social media world.

Generate More Leads from Live Video

Let’s be real .. the data continues to roll out about the power and reach of Live Videos. Although we’ve seen some changes in the algorithm (what feels like constantly), live videos are still among the BEST simple marketing strategies you can add to your business.

Yes, you will be nervous.

It may even feel terrifying at first.

However, the more you do the more comfortable you will be come. After all, what have you got to lose?

Giving Mentality over Taking Mentality

One of the primary reason that many of my clients find themselves struggling to grow their business is that they are stuck in a taking mentality. Let’s work on that and shift that mentality into a giving one.

Give value, and go out and give some more. The more you serve others, the bigger the blessings (sales, prospects for the business, etc.) that will come your way!

Permission Based Posts

Last but certainly not least of the simple marketing strategies I want to leave you with today is this one.

In reality, they are much like curiosity posts however, you are incorporating a stronger call to action (CTA) to your audience.

For example; you product is the greatest juice filled with berries from Mount Important. You are on a Live Video and you are talking about health benefits of all different types of berries. You slide in your Mount Important berry name in there and gently ask your viewers if they want more information on these berries to raise their hand.

In an indirect way they are saying ‘YES message me!’. Often, these are the best conversations to get into because you’ve already ‘sold’ them on the benefits of these berries. They are already ‘in control’ of the conversation because they asked you to reach out.

Give value, ask permission and BE SURE to follow through!

I hope this was helpful for you and definitely let me know below if you would love more simple marketing strategies that you can implement into your business!

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simple marketing strategies