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3 Phases for Signing New Customers and Clients

After spending the last 14+ years in the network marketing space and previously, a psychology major I want to share some insight with you today. Specifically on what I believe the 3 phases are of signing new customers into your business.

This can also include; clients, distributors or otherwise.

Please note: these 3 phases are geared towards those who are building a business on social media. However, you can absolutely tweak or modify them to work offline as well.

3 Phases for Signing New Customers and Clients


The 3 phases we’re going to dive into are the;

  1. Trust Phase
  2. Exposure Phase
  3. Close Phase


they should follow in sequence from 1 through 3.

In some cases, the first phase is a bigger variable based on how long you’ve already known (or not) the prospect but not to worry … this is a marathon not a sprint, right?

Throughout the trust phase in signing new customers into your business you want to focus on the relationship. This is where you want to start to establish commonalities, being relatable and rapport. And since you are building your business on social media, one great tip is creating quality content.

This content can be on your timelines, private groups and/or in your conversations.

Always lead and follow through with value. 


The second phase of signing new customers into your business is the exposure phase. Since at this point you have already began to cultivate their trust and build a relationship, you can start to dive a little deeper into what their pain points are.

Through conversations and engagement, you will be able to identify what their needs are. When you are equipped with this knowledge, you are able to start slowly offering solutions. As mentioned above, value needs to be at the forefront always — however, if you have a specific solution to their needs this is the phase to start exposing them to those products or services.

Avoid adding too much pressure on yourself throughout this phase. Consider your solution no different than offering an answer to their question. Keep things natural and flowing through your conversations.

Listen intently and respond accordingly.

Remember no one likes to be sold.


The last phase in signing new customers for your business is the close phase. Truth is, this phase is a bit of a balancing act. The timing of it is important,  although when following phase one and two effectively this can be a short phase.

When you lead with value, focus on the relationship and expose solutions to their needs, the close should be quick and a no brainer. You never want to convince someone of a purchase — this never creates great retention. If you find that the close is taking a bit too much persuasive or defensive chatter, bounce back into phase one and two.

A trusted purchase is a loyal one. Honor your prospects wishes and always meet them where they’re at.

Were these 3 phases for signing up new customers in your business helpful? Let me know in the comments how you are going to implement them starting, today!

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