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3 Solid Tips for Better Sales in Network Marketing

Having sales in network marketing can often, be harder than it looks. However, with the 3 tips I am going to share with you today will help simplify the process. Last year, we did a blog post on the care salesman mentality — THAT is what hurts you and your business.

Because, when it comes to sales in network marketing you are not a salesperson. Instead, shift your wording to that of being a professional problem solver.

Do Sales in Network Marketing make you Nervous?

Well, here’s some truth for you today.

You can become more confident when you take the focus off yourself. And, shift that focus into the service of others. Your thought process should be; how can I help you? This transforms you into a person who genuinely wants to help others succeed. When you help others, they will help you.

Being of (or in) service means:

  1. Having the prospects best interests at heart
  2. You take the time to listen to and understand their problem
  3. You are compassionate to their problem, and to their wants and needs
  4. Your primary goal is to help them improve their life

Additionally, you need to truly understand who you’re talking to.

It’s so simple, yet so many network marketers waste their time (and their prospects’ time) by trying to sell them something irrelevant to their needs. This is not only frustrating for them but is and will become frustrating for you.

When you are selling to people who are interested, you never need to feel awkward or uncomfortable. Those high-pressure sales moves are not for the relationship business. In fact, you never need to do anything but be a good human in simple conversations.

Listen, I know you have a great solution, but make sure you are helping those who have a pain point that fits your solution.

Not every person will need or want your products or service.

Although, through building a relationship with others you never know who those same people can introduce you to.

Remember, sales in network marketing are key absolutely — however, make sure you are listening first and sharing second. Yes, this process takes time but ask yourself this …

Are you building a solid business or a house of cards?

What have you found helpful in building your business? Are you focused on them or yourself? Be sure to watch the included video for a breakdown of these 3 solid tips and how YOU can generate more sales in network marketing.

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