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4 Ways you can Repurpose Video Content

Learning how to repurpose video content in my opinion, should be a priority.

There are a few reasons for this;

  1. saves you time
  2. constant funnel of ideas
  3. helps you reach a variety of platforms in no time.


I get it – many people when asked about their goals in network marketing, it’s to achieve time freedom. And yet, far too often we hear stories of people working their business endlessly (which in hindsight congrats to your commitment) but, it’s no fun when time with loved ones, or yourself, suffers.

So, in today’s post I’m going to focus on how to repurpose video content; past videos and ones you will continue to create.

Live Video is Great but Lifespan can be Short


What we know to be true is that video content is the highest converting content on social media. There are so many advantages to video;

  1. Search engines love video — meaning, those prospects you haven’t met yet who are searching on google for the top 10 tips for anti-aging, are looking for you. And, search engines like Google or Yahoo, will favor video content over everything else.
  2. Video builds trust and credibility. It shows you as a real person, relatable, allows your personality to shine through.
  3. Videos increase engagement and shares. Check this out; 92% of mobile users will share videos with others. Whether it be on their own pages, group pages or even in messenger.


… I could go on but the point is, video is the real deal. 

But, there’s a downfall (sort of). Let’s assume you’ve spent time planning for your live video (I believe everyone should, notes n’ all!) … You’ve spent time putting everything together, going Live and following the video replying to comments, etc.

But, then what?

Regardless of which video platform you are using (Facebook, Facebook Stories, or Instagram Stories) the video either 1) disappears after 24 hours or 2) it just stops appearing on the newsfeed anymore.

So, how can you increase the lifespan? What else can you do with the content?


First here’s a pretty cool fact.

It’s called the Pareto Principle. 80% of your results in your business will come from 20% of your content. What did this tell you? I can tell you what it says to me …

Creating content consistently, will increase your reach, engagement and variety of ways that your audience can relate to you.

Now, I recognize one of the hardest things people have with social media is creating content. And although I’m not here today to talk about new content … when you learn how to repurpose video content, one video can provide you with a handful of posts.

Instead, of just the one video. 

Now, wouldn’t it be great to do the work once, and have it provide you with content for days! Oh, and be able to add it to different platforms with little to no effort? Of course it would be! What eI love about this is …

I always encourage people to choose one platform to work their network marketing business and once doing it efficiently and effectively, consider adding another. Why? Because what can happen is people are spending far too much time throwing things around hoping they will stick without nurturing and mastering one platform.

This way, if you are using Facebook Live for the original video content you can use that and have it posted on places like Instagram, Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories, Pinterest, etc. in no time.

Side Note: Time is of the essence. You need to value it more than anything else.

4 ways Network Marketers can Repurpose Video Content


First and foremost, you have to start with a video.

If you are not using Live video yet and solely recording and uploading, ensure that you are uploading it organically to each platform. Avoid sharing from YouTube for example (if you are sharing there).

Choose the platform, and upload it from scratch.

I encourage this because social media platforms prefer original versus shared content. I assume it’s because they do not want you taking their audience to other platforms (safe assumption). So to avoid taking a hit in the algorithm game, upload it organically to whichever platform you are using.

For the purposes of today’s post, I will focus on the original video being on Facebook. Then, how to take that Facebook Video and repurpose it 4 different ways.

#1 Repurpose Video Content to a Text Post


You’ve created a solid video. It’s jam packed with value, tips, tricks and all things in between. Now, your video has started to run its course and the viewership is slowing right now. Let’s assume you shared 5 of your best hair care tips. You’ve made notes because that’s important … chances are you’ve even done some research too.

Take those notes, your research and your 5 tips and throw them into a Facebook Post. This post doesn’t need to be more than 200-300 words because it’s solely a summary of your video not the content in its entirety. You can open up the post with something along the lines of ‘thanks so much for the feedback on my video the other day, here are the top 5 tips for those of you who missed it!’. Then, use the notes you already have! Accompany the post with an image – ideally one you created (I like Canva for this).

Content repurposed in no time.

And … you can use this same text post on other platforms as well (if you have a few extra minutes). Consider sharing it to places like Medium or LinkedIn Publishing even. PLEASE note, this is not to add more to your plate – do not recreate the text post – you are solely grabbing that content and pasting it there, and publishing it.

#2 Repurpose Video Content to Instagram


There are 2 avenues you can take here;

  1. Use the same image you created for your text post, and add a fun caption that invites your audience to check out the video (can say things like link in bio).
  2. Take a still shot of your video and post it to your Instagram feed with a caption similar to the one above; ‘have you seen my top 5 Tips yet for Hair Care? Visit the link in my bio!’.


Additionally, if you have a few extra moments consider adding relevant hashtags to your video. A great site (and another way to save time) is TagBlender. This website will show you a variety of categories to choose from and give you the top hashtags for that topic. Simply copy and paste them into your status or comment section and Boom!

Content repurposed again, in no time.

repurpose video content

#3 Repurpose Video Content to Pinterest


Warning & Disclaimer: Pinterest can send a whole ton of people down the rabbit hole. Do yourself a favor and commit to spending no additional time on this platform other than posting the content, deal? I know there are some of you reading this who can relate without question, right?

Remember that image you created for your Facebook or Instagram Post? Well, guess what? You are going to take that exact same image, and caption and upload it to Pinterest. IF you have the paid version of Canva, you could take a moment to resize the image to meet the Pinterest recommended dimensions — if you don’t — don’t stress it!

Fun Fact: Pinterest is among one of the most use search engines next to Google and YouTube.

HelloSociety Blog posted facts that I’m thinking will interest you;

  1. 79% are female users
  2. 58% use Pinterest on a tablet
  3. 88% purchase a product they pinned
  4. 49% purchased 5 or more products they pinned


Pinterest users are spenders. So think about this for a moment … Your Top 5 Hair Care Tips Graphic …

1) Upload the Graphic and add your caption

2) Add your Facebook Profile (or video link) as the website (a way to contact you)

3) Use relevant hashtags – consider using All Hashtags website to generate top ones for you

4) Boom! Repurposed in mere minutes

#4 Repurpose Video Content to Facebook or Instagram Stories


Consider this last tip for repurposing video content a 2-for-1. There are a few options with repurposing your video content here. As I mentioned above when it came to the Instagram feed, I suggested using a still image or the Top 5 Tips .. image.

The beauty about the stories options, is you can also use video. Here are a few ways to get your content on these platforms in only minutes …

  1. Record a short 15 second or less video on Facebook or Instagram stories encouraging viewers to check out your latest video.
  2. Create a curiosity snippet that shares maybe 2 of your 5 tips and encourage the viewer to check out all of them on your video.
  3. Use a still image that you have already created (or snap a new one) and jazz up the story with a GIF or emojis, with a call to action ‘visit my newest video for Top 5 Hair Care Tips’ 
  4. Using a still image again, use the stories feature to pose a question, ‘want me top 5 Hair Care Tips?’. This, will encourage viewers to DM or inbox you with YES! Then, send them to your video content.

Boom! Video Content repurposed again!

Final Thoughts on Ways to Repurpose Video Content


Overall, I hope these 4 tips were helpful in teaching you ways to repurpose video content that you spent time preparing and creating. If you follow these tips, you could have that content shared on 3-6 different platforms in less than 20 minutes.


It should not take you any more time than that. If it is, cut that shared platform out of your ‘repurpose to list’. I recognize that these are not aggressive social media marketing strategies for these other platforms, but, it will help get you in front of new audiences and eyeballs with little effort and time.

In fact, those 5 Hair Care Tips can be even reused later on in 5 separate posts!

Think outside the box, be intentional with repurposing your content and above all else stay consistent.

Building a solid business takes time and it will take effort.

If this post was helpful, I would love if you would share it and let me know in the comments which part was most helpful and/or, if there is another area you would love to know more about!

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