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4 Quick Ways to Repurpose your Social Media Content

Are you looking to get more out of your social media content? One of the most common questions we are asked is should I be on other platforms other than Facebook? Our answer to this is typically — no. Let us explain; too often, people have enough trouble staying consistent on one platform so adding another is never a good idea. We strongly believe, mainly because we’ve done it, that you can build a strong business using Facebook alone. However, rather than simply saying ‘no‘, this post is dedicated to teaching you how to repurpose your Facebook content on other platforms. And doing so quickly and effectively.

Ready-To-Go Social Media Content

If you have been following our previous blogs, you know we love content. Not only do we love it, we believe it is the bread and butter to your business — and relationships. We live in an era of content obsessions. We love to consume it and our hope is that you also love to deliver it.

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So, let’s assume that you have generated great content and delivered it via Facebook Live. In fact, we hope you overdelivered! You shared some excellent value, gave your viewers something to think about and hopefully act upon, etc.

Now what?

Well, we hope of course that you have engaged with your viewers (including replay viewers especially) and you should continue to do so. But, it was such a great piece of content you want to repurpose it elsewhere on social media.

Please note that this same strategy can be done with any quality content you have put out. We always recommend evergreen content for this very reason. Because the truth is, we have some great pieces from months ago we still refer back to. And, it’s still relevant so it is perfect content to revisit.

(if you’re not doing this, consider making this a priority)

2 Quick Ways to Repurpose your Live Social Media Content

For the purposes of this example, we will stick to the Facebook Live scenario. The good news is, many social media platforms are video ready however, not always able to support the length. This, doesn’t need to be a bad thing — in fact, short video content can help peak curiosity of viewers more so than longer content. Meaning, the ‘trailer type’ videos can help draw more eyeballs to longer pieces — because they want the goods!

Now, you do not need to be video editor savvy to make this happen. Additionally, there are many mobile applications that will help you do this.

Facebook Live Repurposed to Youtube

First things first, let’s start with where you can upload the entire piece of content. You will need to download that Facebook Live onto your computer. There are a number of free websites that will do this for you. One I personally use is, .

Starting from Facebook you will copy the link at the top of the page and head over to the website mentioned above. Simply paste the link in the provided area and select download.

This will allow you to save the video onto your computer (unfortunately this isn’t always a mobile friendly option). From here, if you have a Google account (or Gmail) you already have a YouTube link ready to go.

Head over to YouTube, select upload and boom — set it and forget it. We don’t suggest worrying too much about the description or advanced settings.

Just get it uploaded and you can always worry about the rest later. The main this is just make sure that your video title is relevant to the video — no need to be fancy or misleading. Truth is, the highest converting YouTube videos are ones that clearly define the How To or the Tip you are going to share.

Facebook Live Repurposed to Instagram

In this instance there are two ways to do this. One, is a little more complicated since you need to download the video first and then worry about knowing how to edit the video to make it shorter. The other version however, and the one we recommend is record a short 45 seconds – 1 minute video peaking interest about your recently done Facebook Live.

Using openers such as ‘oh my gosh I can’t believe I just gave away all those tips in one Live Video!’ From there, you want to include a link (preferably in your bio to the full length video).

Alternatively, you can also create a short teaser video mentioning the time you plan to go live in hopes of drawing audience to watching it at that time.

Whichever way you choose to do it, this process should take no more than a couple minutes total.

Have a Twitter Account? Make sure it’s linked to your Instagram so that with the click of one button, it can be shared there without even having to go to the account itself.

2 Quick Ways to Repurpose your Social Media Content

Above, we shared a couple ways to repurpose live content. And sure, there are other ways you could use those Live Videos but the goal here is to make the process super simple and more importantly, fast. In the next 2 ways to repurpose content we want to give you examples of images.

Let’s assume you posted a great picture on your Facebook profile, and it received some great engagement and you would like to see how it performs elsewhere on social media.

Again, there are many ways to repurpose a great image but we want to share with you the fastest ways and ones that will not compromise more than a few minutes of your time.

Repurpose Image from Facebook to Instagram

Since Instagram can only be used via mobile devices this would have to be done there. We’re sure this shouldn’t be a problem given most pictures these days are taken with a phone anyways, right? So, head over to Instagram and upload the image with a sentence or two.

Much of Instagram searches are done using hashtags so if you have a couple to throw in there, that would work too. If you aren’t familiar with hashtag like strategies — don’t worry about it now. This is something you can always come back to later.

Seriously. To date, there is no right or wrong time for hashtags to be entered. Meaning, when you find yourself in a bit of downtime, you can always go back to that image and edit the ‘caption’ to add the hashtags.

Similar to the note above regarding Twitter, make sure if you have an account it’s linked to your Instagram so that you can also share the image there with a click of a button.

We do not recommend sharing content from Instagram to Facebook. Research shows us that any third party application on Facebook can affect the visibility of your content on people’s timelines.

Repurpose Image from Facebook to Pinterest

Using the same strategies mentioned above while repurposing content from Facebook to Instagram, can be used to share to Pinterest too.

Head over to your Pinterest account, select upload, add a sentence or two and boom done! Pinterest also allows for ‘clickable’ links to be included in the description, so you may consider entering your Facebook profile link for example.

Like Instagram, Pinterest also uses hashtags however, you can revisit this when you find yourself with extra time to play around there if you choose to.

Final Thoughts on the Above Ways to Repurpose your Social Media Content

We want to reiterate the same message as we opened the post with; we strongly believe you can build a substantial business using Facebook alone. However, we understand that social media is expanding rapidly, and if you are spending time on other platforms anyways — we wanted to share the few ways you could use existing content there too for your network marketing business.

In the event that you do not have an Instagram, YouTube or Pinterest account — don’t even worry about them! Stay focused on delivering consistent content, over and over again on Facebook.

In our own humble opinion, Facebook has all the capabilities (and then some) of any platform out there right now. From Live Video to image sharing, Facebook Stories and a great platform to share written content as well.

We hope that this information was helpful to you and let us know where you spend more of your income producing time!

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