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How Relatable are you to your Prospects?

Being able to build your business effectively means knowing how to get your prospects to lower their guard. You have to make your prospects feel comfortable with you. People buy from those they know, like, and trust, right? Then ask yourself; how relatable am I?

How many times have you pitched a prospect who was completely uninterested in what you what to say?

We’ve all been there, and there’s no good feeling about it. Sometimes, it feels like you’re selling your product to a brick wall. And for some reason, your prospects just aren’t responsive to what you have to offer.

Sounding pretty familiar?

This is a situation many entrepreneurs face.


This is especially true for those who do not have a background in sales or marketing. If you don’t have much experience in connecting with others, it can be difficult to deal with. Since many entrepreneurs haven’t been able to learn how to make prospects feel comfortable, they find themselves giving ineffective dialogue or posting things that just aren’t ‘interesting’ to their audience.

The prospect has their guard up, which makes it close to impossible to break through.

However, this post will help you — break through.

Being Relatable Matters


Model your business on the corner store.


If you love the days of shopping at a local business where the owner knew your name and your family, try to replicate that experience. For instance, remember one or two details about your prospect and bring them up in conversation. Everyone likes to feel they’re important enough that someone remembers the little things about them.

It’s one important way we go past viewing customers as a transaction to a human in need of a genuine interaction. Or, remember the television show Cheers? Where ‘everyone knows your name‘ — This is a great model for business and being relatable.

Ask questions first.


Take time to talk to your prospect before every bringing up your business. Ask questions that will help your potential customer explain what they’re looking for. Once you know the things that drive them, it’s much simpler to show how your product or service can satisfy their wants or needs.

This is all critical to relationship building. And the more skilled you are at utilizing open ended questions, the stronger the relationship you will be able to create.

Court your prospects, don’t chase them.


Think about when you may have been first dating someone. You had small talk, laughed a little and learned about each other, right? Consider this same ‘strategy’ when chatting with a prospect. Don’t rush the process. In most cases you would never go from first date to marriage.

So, think about how you court your prospects – stay genuine and authentic. Stop chasing them or slamming them with ‘did you order yet?’ messages.

Allow the process to unfold as it should. Do yourself a favor and don’t get into the convincing business (they never last).

Be present.


Being relatable also means being likeable. When you are having a conversation with a prospect – be there. They should be made to feel like they are the only thing that matters at that moment. Social media has made it way too easy for multitasker’s to get caught in conquering too many things at once.

Even through messaging online — set aside the few minutes to be present in your conversation. And if you need to step away – say so. For example, let’s say you had to step away a moment for your children – use that as your relatable moment. This is especially effective when chatting with other parents. You are demonstrating first hand what it would look like for them if they chose to join you in business.

Being relatable shows possibility.

Vulnerability is relatability.


Do you want a for sure way to completely turn off your prospect? Act as if you know everything. Pretend as though your company can solve every problem a prospect has. It’s OK to admit you don’t know everything. Your prospect doesn’t expect you to have all the answers and you probably don’t need to have all the answers to solve their problems. (use your company tools!)

It’s OK to say ‘I’m not sure but will definitely find out for you’. As long as there’s a way you can provide a clear benefit for your prospect, you will be able to have them to listen to you.

Stay true to you.

A few final thoughts …


In today’s noisy social media world, it’s not enough to offer a great product or service. Company leaders and network marketers should work to make their brands likeable and credible. Storytelling can be an impactful way to accomplish this and, ensures that you are seen as relatable by your prospects.

This is powerful on both the business and customer side of things.

Customers are sold on testimonies, in other words – proof. Those who are considering the business side of the industry need to feel as though it’s possible for them. When you create scenarios that they simply cannot relate to, you’ve lost them.

However, when you demonstrate how relatable your story is to theirs — powerful stuff.

Ask yourself; how relatable are you to your prospects?

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