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Recruiting Tips to Increase the Size of Your Team

There are 3 must know recruiting tips to increase the size of your team that will benefit your business both short and long term. Recruiting is among the top skill sets network marketers should learn, implement and master. Would you agree?With an increase in the size of your team, this in turn equates to a larger social distribution network or sales team for your business.Starting to implement these strategies we are about to share with you, can have a HUGE, positive impact on your business.

Would you like to learn how to recruit more reps and build a bigger team?

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Let’s sit back and imagine for a second, shall we?

Imagine that recruiting new customers and reps came easily for you. Imagine that you have developed the skillsets to recruit new people into your team, at will. Imagine the possibility if recruiting wasn’t a struggle any longer.

Let’s dive into the 3-must know recruiting tips to increase the size of your team

1. Stop trying to convince and chase people into your business.

Have you ever felt like you were chasing someone? Although your intentions were good did you find yourself with this need to constantly share more about your products and business? Did you have that feeling that they, may have been avoiding you? Maybe even had a conversation or two where you talked and talked and talked, trying to convince your prospect why they needed your product or business?

Don’t worry, we have all been there. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Let me explain.

If you have to convince them to try your product, you will have to convince them to become a customer, then convince them to commit to an autoship, then convince them to host a home meeting or online party, then convince them to get to the next event. I think you get the point, right?  

2. Say less, listen more

Most people would think of the last time they tried to “word-vomit” all over their prospect, and it didn’t quite end up the way they were hoping. Am I right? What most network marketers don’t realize is talking less, and listening more will help one become a better recruiter.

Ask more questions, and listen. Listen for those pain points, and problem areas, and then ask MORE questions regarding them. Your prospect will reveal their problems and needs, and when the time is right, you asking if they are open to a potential solution is all it takes.

3. Don’t become emotionally attached to result

Have you ever become upset after a prospect told you they were NOT interested? Maybe it was a family member or friend that you were sure of would sign up with you, and they said no. How did you let this affect you?

This third must know recruiting tip to increase the size of your team is learning (this takes time and practice) how to not become emotionally attached to the response of your prospect. Your prospect can sense desperation and weakness, even if it just a simple phone call or Facebook conversation.

Manage your words and the conversation will help you to avoid becoming emotionally attached to an answer and help you in becoming a better recruiter.

Watch the video on the 3-must know recruiting tips to increase the size of your team

After this training, you should have learned my 3 must know recruiting tips to increase the size of your team.By implementing what you just learned, you will become a recruiting machine in your respected company. You have the ability to do great things and help a lot of people – and THAT’S what matters most.

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