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Finding your groove in network marketing may take time, it’s true. However, our goal has always been to do what we can, to cut the learning curve for others. How would some free recruiting tools sound? Or, a free recruiting script?

Read on …

Among some of the general skills professional network marketers posses such as; communication and relationship building, learning how to recruit new team members is key. And here’s the deal, recruiting is not a natural skill for people.

In fact, learning these skills can be quite daunting for many people. And so, we wanted to give you some free recruiting tools you can start implementing as early as today into your business. In addition to some key strategies identified in this post, be sure to also check out the enclosed video via YouTube for even more goodies for you!

So, what is the best recruiting script for network marketing anyways?

Let’s be honest, crafting a recruiting script was the be all – end all for network marketers for too long. It was as though we were conditioned to have this rock solid elevator pitch, right? Or this ‘fool-proof’ message you could send prospects in messenger that sealed the deal.

Ready for our thoughts on a free recruiting script?

Well, they don’t exist. Seriously, stop becoming so dependent on this ‘one-size’ fits all verbiage that will work for everyone. Let us remind you that you are in a relationship business. How you attract, engage and nurture these relationships matter.

Focus on Building Relationships

Learning this skill will never fail you – not in business or your life for that matter. Knowing how to work with people be it socially or professionally is one of the most important skills that anyone in the entrepreneurial profession (including network marketing) should know.

You’ve heard it plenty of times before.

People will buy (or join) those, they know, like and trust. Relationship building is for the long-term professional. Because, it’s possible the relationships you start building today may not come into fruition for your business for weeks, months, even years. But, they will be worth it.

There is no recruiting script out there that will ever trump the power in relationships.


How do you go from Conversation to Conversion?

This question (above) is one of the most common ones we see in our coaching communities. And, the answer is quite simple;

  1. Don’t rush the process and,
  2. Relationship before business.

If you are having a conversation with someone you have recently started to build a relationship, and bringing up your business feels wrong … it probably is. This isn’t to say stay bundled up in your comfort zone but if the dialogue hasn’t taken you anywhere near business – why rush there?

Consider asking something like ‘would you be open to hearing more?’ Or, ‘would you be open to learning more?’ – or something along those lines. This one-liner is completely non-invasive and shouldn’t interrupt your relationship building process even if the answer is ‘no’.

Remember, how you position your product, service or opportunity to someone matters more than what you say. Let’s assume the product you have to offer is a solution to your prospects problem. Or, maybe your prospect is in need of additional finances. These are all things you uncover through conversation.

They are not often things your prospects will share openly because you’ve dropped a magical recruiting script! Human First.

This may or may not be for you’. Giving your prospect an ‘indirect out’ takes the pressure off them and in many cases can help ease the pressure in the delivery itself. (see my YouTube video for more details)

Closing Words on the ‘Perfect Recruiting Script’

It doesn’t exist. However, learning how to build relationships and help solve a prospects ‘problem’ is perfection in and of itself. Master how to be a great listener, a great friend, or a problem solver. These skills will be far more valuable to you than a generic recruiting script delivered on the Internet (sorry!).

We believe wholeheartedly that relationships are the key to any (and all) successful network marketing businesses. So we encourage to spend the time you do have mastering those skills before working about a magical recruiting script. Be you and be real. If you are building in the network marketing profession and are focused on the long-term, relationships will win every time.

What are some recruiting strategies that have worked for you? Any magical recruiting script you can share with us? Let us know! (and be sure to subscribe to our Youtube Channel!)

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