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5 Places to Start Recruiting Distributors on Facebook That Work

Recruiting Distributors – some love it the majority not so much, We’re going to dive into the ins and outs of where to find your next recruit on social media specifically on Facebook. Because here’s the deal, we know that recruiting distributors is an obstacle for most. And the hardest being … not knowing where to look!

We often hear a lot of things like, ‘I have run out of people to talk to!’ or, ‘the market is saturated’. And, if you are leading a team, or groups of sales consultants, you probably are familiar with those phrases too.

Turn your Facebook into a Machine for Recruiting Distributors

This post is designed to help you discover new people every day.

And, this is some pretty powerful stuff.

Because, you may not understand this yet (but you will), but even if;

  1. you’ve made no money in network marketing
  2. you haven’t sponsored a single person  
  3. you don’t feel like you have any type of ‘credibility’ yet …

… leverage social media in a big way to build your business even though you don’t have results.

What it means is we want to teach you how to position yourself in the market place.

5 Places to Start Recruiting Distributors on Facebook That Work

#1 – Hot or Warm Market ‘Friends List’

These are people you are already connected to you. They may be family friends, someone you know from church or maybe they are people you went to school with. This group of people may also be people you have ‘met’ on Facebook through various channels like community groups.

There is a right way, and a wrong way when you approach your warm market. When looking for your next distributor in your business we want to encourage you to not spam them with copy paste messages, don’t use guilt trips, and stop asking for favors!

Instead, focus on the relationship you have with them. Consider using the F.O.R.M. strategy (Family, Occupation, Recreation, Motivation). This strategy will help you to ask the right questions, which will likely result in you discovering the ‘need’ and having the ability to offer them a solution. One of the best ways to recruiting distributors into your business that you already ‘know’ is helping them with a problem.

#2 – Facebook Messenger done the Right way

This is a topic we have spent considerable time on because of its effectiveness. It is free app downloadable right to your phone that allows you to connect with people in real time.  This is a  great place to nurture the relationships you already have or one you are starting to build upon.

Unfortunately, too often in network marketing we get caught up in the ability to ‘hide behind’ a phone or laptop, right? And, for some reason think we can simply skip the whole getting to know you piece. Using options like a voice note in your messages is a nice personal touch – and often one that will allow you to stand out from other messages they may already be receiving. Video messages are also another great tool way underused.

Remember this: relationships should always be your first priority. People will tell you all you need to know, you just need to listen.

#3 – Leave Meaningful, Value Packed Comments

Recent observation; most people are quick to hit that ‘like’ button, but aren’t always as likely to leave a comment. This strategy alone could be your pivotal moment. We challenge you to comment on at least 10 of your friends posts, videos, pictures, etc. every day. Real, thought out comments.

These comments are ones you spent some time on (1-3 minutes). They are;

  1. authentic
  2. genuine
  3. meaningful
  4. offer value or insight
  5. teachable moments
  6. common shared experiences

… and the list goes on!

Here are a few examples:

Great tip you shared on this video Natalie! Thanks so much for sharing that!

‘Love your thoughts on essential oils, never thought to use lemon for cleaning the microwave!’ 

This does 2 key things;

> It sets you apart from the rest of the noise out there. This demonstrates that you have taken the time to read their post – people like to feel heard.

> As humans, we’re naturally curious, right? So, a well thought out comment will encourage anyone else seeing your comment to check out your profile or page. (This is why you want to audit your page regularly!)

#4 – Facebook Groups are a Gold Mine!

Facebook Groups can be an incredible place to connect with others, when used properly. (We do have a full training this in our Social Impacter Society however we will give you few nuggets today)

Remember we just mentioned it has to be done the right away? Well, this means turning into a billboard on the groups timeline is definitely not the right way. Or worse, joining every ‘work from home’ group you can find and expecting everyone to flock to your offer. Because the reality is, those groups are filled with people just like you.

Think outside of the box for a moment.

Join groups that align with your interests. Do you like to swim? Cook? Golf?

Find these groups and join them. This may be a little confusing and now you find yourself wondering why would you join a cooking group when you are ‘trying’ to sell hair products.  And, this would be a valid question.

And so, let us explain. Members in these groups, already have a common interest as you. This makes for an excellent conversation starter, and to some degree creates something called ‘blind trust’. It allows for an almost instant connection with one another – you are instantly relatable without even having to try! And hey, even if they don’t buy from you or join your business right away … Know that you are in a perfect place to start building a relationship.

Which is always, the goal and a great position for potential recruiting distributors when the time is right.

#5 – Watching Different ‘Pages of Influence’

These pages of influences should be someone or something ‘famous’ to some degree. Let’s take Eric Worre for example – fan of his? Turn on the notifications for his posts – this will notify you once he has posted new content and allow you to have ‘first movers advantage‘.

Notice the first comments shown on top of these pages are typically the ones that gain the most traction through likes and/or replies? This isn’t because the other comments aren’t great (well maybe!) but it is because the thousands of others who were coming to see his post, also saw that comment, first.

This strategy can be implemented for any ‘top person’ that you follow. So, if your goal is recruiting distributors into your business – give those prospects something valuable to read. Position yourself as someone who ‘knows the deal’. You can use the same thoughtful strategy as mentioned above in the #3 strategy for recruiting distributors.

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