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Recruiting Challenge | How She Recruited 20 People in 7 Days

Allow me to introduce you to a woman who took part in our Community for Network Marketers and Direct Sales Consultants,  ‘7 Day Recruiting Challenge‘. Perhaps I should rephrase that – a woman who in fact, won the challenge! The video below will take you through my exclusive interview with her and how she recruited twenty (20) NEW people, including customers and distributors, into her respective company in those seven (7) days.

Pretty amazing right? She absolutely crushed it!

Shelby explains that throughout the recruiting challenge, and beforehand, she focused a ton on relationships – whether it was through conversations on social media, or even when she is out and about at the gym or grocery store. Consistently connecting with people – authentically, and not solely about ‘the business’.

‘Typically I tried to talk to 10 new people a day. Because of the competition (recruiting challenge), I upped it to 20’

Recruiting gets talked about a lot in our profession, and the most common theme for those that struggle in that regard is simple – they are struggling because they are simply not talking to enough people.

‘Don’t give up. Stay true to who you are. Stay true to your beliefs’

  1. Focus on relationships – talk to more people
  2. Don’t give up!

What did you think of Shelby’s opening social media conversation?

Sound familiar to something that you are already doing for your business? Or, maybe it is a strategy you would like to implement moving forward?

Eliminate Excuses | Recruiting Challenge

  • There are ALWAYS people to talk to!
  • There are ALWAYS things to say!

Social media provides us with an unlimited funnel of people to speak to. Genuinely reach out to people – open a conversation, create dialogue .. there is zero need to jump into dropping links, and selling your company – This is about you and your relationship with those people.

Lastly, we spoke about investing in ourselves. How important is it? Although I’ve touched on this in past, especially around Personal Development – Shelby shares some great insight not to mention her own, first hand experience on the topic.

‘I’m not here to create leaners, I’m here to create leaders’

It is always humbling to hear absolute rockstars in our profession credit you, and the work you are doing for others and I am truly appreciative of her comments!

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recruiting challenge

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