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Recruit New People Into Your Business, Every Single Month

Would it be cool to be able to recruit new people into your business month after month?

The most sought after skillset in the network marketing profession is recruiting. But, on the flip side it is also the least cared about when it comes to learning and getting better. The irony right?

This friendly, PDF reminder that you can download here, will help keep you on task – and lead you preparing you on the steps needed to recruit new people every month.

Get out of your comfort zone. You will not become a full-time network marketing business solely on your warm market. It may sound harsh, but my goal is to keep it real with you and provide you with the tools that will. The truth is, you will likely have to step out of your warm market, also known as comfort zone, to help you position yourself to recruit new people, every single month. This might be a live video, it may be reaching out to people you haven’t spoken to, ever – could be participating in groups where you were more commonly an observer – or for those who aren’t building through social media – get out there!

‘No time is a good time, so now is as good a time as any’

Be married to the activity and not the result. Often, we become so focused on the result, versus the activity, where in fact that very activity, will lead us to the desired results. Be mindful of the activity – document it even. This will help you be able to see trends where when your activity is high (and productive) the results will follow. This will also help you identify where activity was less, results likely reflected that as well. Activity forms habits.

Admit to yourself that you are struggling. Then, go seek help. This might include a conversation with your sponsor or upline. In the event you don’t have one you feel you can have this conversation, a coach or mentor is also incredibly helpful in this area. This conversation can be referred to as a reevaluation, or debriefing session. Find out where the hiccups are, discover tweaks, goal set, game plan, etc. If the goal is to recruit new people, be coachable and apply it.

How Important is it to you, to recruit new people?

recruit new people

Invest in yourself. Increase your training. This investment includes time. What I mean by this is, network marketing and recruiting new people consistently, involves work. It involves a commitment of time – maybe even sacrifices in other areas. And the latter part, training. Learn from people who have ‘come before you’. Network marketing is one of the most duplicable business models available – and when implemented the right way, results are inevitable.

Have posture. Grow your confidence. This part is crucial, and is developed over time for sure. It is why I included it in the last of my 5 tips – not because it isn’t one of the important ones, but while growing your skillset and/or working with a mentor or coach, this skill will continue to develop. I might even be bold enough to say it also increases following the activities that lead to results. You might want to include personal development in this tip as well. Because, working on you – is a constant.

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recruit new people

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