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Stop Sharing Motivational Quotes on Social Media

Think about the last time you scrolled your newsfeed. How many quotes did you come across? I would guess a WHOLE lot!  And, although inspirational and motivational quotes can be a great thing they can also hurt your brand.

Now, before you start freaking out a little bit …  I post them often — so you will want to keep reading.

There are some amazing quotes out there – and with the meme and GIF revolution, you can group them into this post topic too.

In other words, they’re not all bad – but they DO need substance.

Quotes, Quotes and more Quotes


These are a few areas I want to tackle with you today in this post;

  1. When using quotes is appropriate (and when they’re not)
  2. The strategy that needs to accompany them
  3. What they are actually saying about you (and your brand)
  4. Where they are most effective


Before I dive into the list above I want to make sure that I am clear in why the title of this post reads as it does. After all, being motivational and inspirational is a great attribute of the network marketing profession, right?

The last thing I would suggest is you morph into a David Downer or Negative Nancy!

However, the primary difficulty is that simply posting a quote doesn’t equate to a solid content strategy.

I believe, there is so much more value and good you can put out there and just throwing up a quote you might even call; ‘the easy way out’. Take yourself back to grade school for a moment – when you were asked to write an article, book report or something of that nature.

It is probable that you were asked to cover the; who, what, when, where, why and how, right? Keep this in the forefront of your mind while you go through the ideology in this post that when it comes to using quotes as part of your social media content calendar.

When is it appropriate to use quotes?


Let’s assume for a moment that you have not posted any content for a few days. You come across this incredible quote that really resonates with you – so, you post it. You’re hoping that it will resonate well with your audience and naturally, they will connect with you about your business.

Did you maybe find this to sound a little unrealistic?

Using a quote says very little, if anything, about you or your business. In fact, simply sharing them may elicit some type of reaction from your audience – since it did with you – but then what? Perhaps they stick a like or a heart on it, and then? They just keep on scrolling.

I’ll dive more into this in the strategy section, but what I want to impress upon you is STOP making quotes the primary in your content strategy.

Your audience wants and needs more.

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Let’s talk strategy …


Every social media post has a few components to it (or should); the intention behind the post, what you hope the person will do after consuming it and, how it plays into your overall content strategy.

Above, I discussed how quotes on their own should not make up your primary content. Why? Because it says very little if anything about you. A quote needs substance.

It’s great that it resonated with you but how does your audience know that unless you tell them?

So guess what? TELL THEM!


You can take an amazing quote and take it to the next level.

Here’s an example;

‘I was scrolling through my newsfeed today enjoying my coffee by finding it tough to get moving. Do you know those moments? Well …  then I came across this quote and for some reason it really spoke to me and then I was up moving, productive and loving life! I wanted to share it in cases it hit you the same way it hit me!’

Obviously, you would share using your own verbiage and ensure that it’s authentic to you, but overall I think you get the idea. Take your audience on a journey with the quotes you share – this takes a filler spot in your content strategy to a solid post that you could plug into your calendar a few days a week.

The probability of you receiving engagement on this format sharing quotes is about 10X had you left the story out all together.

What are the quotes actually saying about you?


Without substance, explanation or clarity — they could be saying all the wrong things. I’ve seen this have the opposite reaction or emotion someone was after.

For example, if you are sharing what you perceive as an uplifting quote and someone else reads it as sad or someone who is hurting — this unfortunately can hurt your message and your brand.

However, when you implement the strategy shared above, you are delivering the ‘explanation’ by default. This is incredibly important to keep in mind when you are sharing or posting content.

Side Note: it is ALWAYS better to upload organic content to your page than sharing from another. This doesn’t mean you don’t give credit where this is possible, but go the extra mile and recreate it on your own imagery.

In addition, because so many quotes have evolved into memes always make sure what you are sharing aligns with your brand. This may seem like an obvious thing but you would be surprised how much content I come across every day that leaves me asking myself ‘what does that have to do with their brand?‘.

Do yourself a favor and ask yourself that very question before you hit ‘post’.

Where are quotes most effective?


There really is no right or wrong answer to this if you have followed the suggestions in the first 3 topic areas. Quotes can be super helpful in reaching your audience on different levels. However, make sure that you are giving people more than a one liner a few times a week and calling that your content strategy.

Generally, quotes make great filler content when you have packed a ton of value into the rest of the week/month. And if you are using them as a primary in your strategies that just make sure you have answered the who, what, when, where, why and how (I appreciate the 5 W’s and the H may not apply to EACH post, but a great habit to start is asking yourself with each post).

Another great place for sharing a quote or 2 is in your Facebook Stories. This is a great piece of content to use to help create habits using stories without having to duplicate or recreate content all the time.

Lastly, since we know thousands of people are sharing the same quotes everyday, by adding your own spin, perspective, opinion or story behind it — this will help you stand out from the rest.

After all, that is the goal, right?

When quotes hit on all the bases, you are creating a perfect reason for people to want to reach out to you. And we know that the beauty of network marketing success is all about relationships!

Let me know if posting quotes is part of your content strategy.

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