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One of the main questions I have my coaching clients ask me is “where can I find people to introduce or show my network marketing business to?” This can be said from someone very new to the industry, to someone who’s gone on to earn six figures, network marketing thrives on new reps, and new customers. That’s why you may have found me, prospecting on Facebook, and other social media. Prospecting cold market people on Facebook might feel intimidating, but I assure it doesn’t need to be.

Before we dive deeper into prospecting on Facebook – the who, what, when, where, and why (and how!) Here’s a previous entry with a video on “How to Start Conversations on Facebook” that you may want to visit once we’re through here!

Today, Let Me Show You Why I LOVE Prospecting On Facebook

(and why my business did too)

Overall, growing your network marketing or direct sales business on social media is an amazing tool. Not solely because you can do it from the comfort of your home and/or mobile phone – but it can reach audiences you may have never had an opportunity to otherwise. With many companies expanding to a Nationwide let alone Global reach, prospecting on Facebook for example allows you the ability to connect with people around the world.

What’s important however, is being original. Too often, and it’s likely you notice this too, that when we see the same messages or bombarded with the same products – we disconnect, we tune out, the last thing we’re doing is inquiring. Copy and paste messages, Facebook posts, etc., lose their authenticity – they don’t appear genuine. The relationship is tarnished before its even started. Simply put, it’s not going to work. We know this because it’s not working (likely) for those people either. Familiar with the feeling of being pitched? No one likes to feel sold. Reminds me of a great analogy by Gary Vaynerchuk – Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. Be human, care, give value, offer solutions. It’s a process – and one that can be mastered by prospecting on Facebook.

You have a friends list, ideally a growing one, you might even consider this a captured audience to some degree. These people have already ‘accepted’ your friendship, you have already peaked their curiosity. The truth is you’ve already been prospecting on Facebook effectively, it’s when you started over thinking the process – throwing up your business all over people (sorry), is when you took a wrong turn.

When Prospecting On Facebook Is Done Right, You Can Experience A Very Lucrative Business

Let’s consider this for a moment, ever do a Google search and then you come back to Facebook and BOOM there’s an ad on the very same thing you were looking for? We might not like it, but Facebook knows ALL (well not all, but lots!) Use this to your advantage! We enter our details, our age, employment, school, etc – essentially we deliver a consumer profile for anyone who knows how to find it. Whether it be through free or paid methods, the details are there for the taking.

One of the many advantages of growing a network marketing business, while using the right tools for prospecting on Facebook, is you can determine who you would like to do business with. A quick scroll of the profile of a prospect can act as a great initial gauge of ‘where that person is at’. Be it their proximity to you, they’re a parent, a positive person – or frankly, not your cup of tea. The answers are THERE – and with knowing how to 1) find or 2) attract the right people will in turn, have you seeing results, making more sales, growing your team, and more.

In order for any business to thrive, you require a constant flow of new customers and/or reps, so I would encourage you to learn the tricks and absorb the tips and take advantage of a powerful beast, like Facebook.

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