4 Productivity Tips for Network Marketers

Productivity is critical for success whether you are a business owner, network marketer or entrepreneur—habits, lifestyle, discipline, and technology matter. But, unfortunately, we often feel like we’re being productive, whereas, if we were tracking it, we would likely see the opposite.

This is especially prevalent when building a business on social media.

How often do you catch yourself starting with great intentions only to end up scrolling the feed?

I will share some key tips for improving your productivity in today’s post. And would love for you to include which ones resonate with you the most! So be sure to stop by the comment area on your way out.

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Productivity Tips for Network Marketers


Create a Priority List


List your tasks, organize them in order of priority and set deadlines.

Priority lists will give you structure and a plan to stick to. With technology having taken over, nowadays, you can carry your to-do list on your phone. With digital to-do list apps, forgetting is not an excuse. Mainly when you can set reminders, track your progress, etc.

Make sure you use an easy-to-use option (you don’t want to waste time trying to figure something out!)

Tools like this can help gauge your productivity and keep you on track when building your business.

Remind yourself ‘why’ you started


Motivate yourself and motivate others regularly. Reminding yourself of the reason you started your business can provide a huge (and needed) boost to your morale. Think about the customers you help and how you make their lives easier. Or your team members the support they receive working with you.

Multiple people are better off whatever you do because of your offerings. The more you and your team think about this, the more significant the impact on your productivity levels.

Avoid Multitasking


Your days are jam-packed. When possible, however, avoid multitasking and laser focus on the tasks at hand. When you’re being pulled in 100 directions daily, it’s easy to bounce from task to task. Hate to break it to you; this is inefficient. As a result, tasks are left open and incomplete, or mistakes are made due to simple oversight.

Staying focused on one task until completion ensures that they’re crossed off and done to the fullest potential — you and your customers deserve that.

Turn off push notifications


How often have you been sitting in front of a laptop or with your phone as text messages and notifications pop up? Probably too many to count, right? While it may seem like you’re managing them well, that stream of notifications is seriously distracting.

Increase your concentration and productivity by turning off notifications for specific periods throughout the day (that includes those for Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms).

The do not disturb option on most cell phones is a great feature. This allows these notifications to continue in the background and, that way, are waiting for you upon your return.

How helpful were these four tips? Would more of them to add to your arsenal be beneficial? Let me know! I would love to share more of what we do to increase our productivity and, in turn, grow our businesses.

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