investment into personal development

Perspective: Investment Over Expense

Let’s consider a restaurant model in the world of investment (stick with me here…).

You have always had this dream of owning and operating a restaurant. A Mexican Restaurant (I love tacos!) You have spent time researching the costs it would entail to open and operate this business. You would consider everything from; location, staffing, food costs, insurance, equipment, marketing, and so on.

You would probably speak with current restaurant owners – hear about their experiences, do’s and don’ts. And, you may even hire someone to coach you through the process from business plans, banking, etc.

You are about to make one of the biggest purchases of your life. It is your dream. You can picture the people lining up, the reviews about the best tacos in town, and sure that little voice in your head is saying something like ‘what if this doesn’t work?’.

But, your passion and vision are able to quiet it down because THIS is your calling!

Now, here’s the point…

This is an investment into your future.

Your family’s future.

And hey, maybe this vision is a family business – a legacy you want to build.

There would be no question in your mind that this is an investment versus an expense. Right?

So, why is it any different when it comes to the profession of network marketing and direct sales? You are making an investment into those same ideals (vision, family, future). They, deserve the same ‘thoughts to follow through‘ as it would when it comes to a restaurant, don’t they?

5 Reasons to Invest in Personal Development


#1 You can’t always rely on your sponsor to be there for you. If what you need to bring yourself closer to your goals is not being taken care of by your sponsor, frustration and blame won’t help. It’s your future, take care of it!

#2 Excuses will not help you move forward. There will always be excuses. Lack of time, young children at home, more urgent expenses, etc. If you always put your personal development last, you may be missing opportunities you don’t even know exist right now. By planning your personal development in your budget, you make it a priority and can enjoy it without guilt.

#3 We don’t always make it alone. When we really need help, (to either develop our skills or get through our emotions) it’s a shame to be confronted with financial issues. When you have an amount set aside for coaching, training, etc., you could use it to give yourself a push when you need it the most. Think about it. It could be your best investment ever.

#4 Passion is essential to achieve balance. If you can’t find your passion through your work, or can’t express your creativity, you need to find ways to do it differently or life will pull you down. Personal development is also feeding the various aspects of our personality and minds. ‘A negative mind won’t lead you to a positive life’.

#5 We don’t know what the future holds. We don’t know what life holds for us. You could want new challenges, face adversity or a career change. It is your responsibility to develop your interests, your skills and knowledge to be ready to face any variable.

Leaders view People as an Investment not an Expense


Leaders invest their time, experiences, knowledge and a piece of themselves in the development of people. The success of their team is as important to them as their own success. If their people fail they take at least partial ownership in that failure.

Let’s be clear on this, leadership is about people. We don’t lead companies, we don’t lead buildings or inventories, we manage them.

We lead people!

People don’t want to be managed, they want leadership.

You’ll hear people often complain about being micro-managed but you’ve probably never heard a person say the word, micro-led.

In conclusion, consider your thought process when it comes to investments vs. expenses. To become the best leader for your group or team, you need to lead with your best self. It is okay not to know all the answers – what is not okay is doing nothing about it.

In the comment below I would love to hear what you thought about the reasons to include a budget for personal development investment into your planning.

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Investment into personal development