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Create The ‘Perfect’ Social Media Profile With 4 Easy Steps

Having a complete social media profile is important for a variety of reasons, especially, for entrepreneurs.

Here are 4 primary reasons why:

  1. It is a first point of call for buyer research
  2. Your social media profile helps people find you
  3. Makes you stand out from the competition
  4. A way of engaging with people who often become valuable connections

This post will be perfect for you if you are looking to level up your social media profile. The word perfect is of course subjective however, these 4 easy steps will help you become more visually attractive to your audience and prospects. And, when our profiles are visually attractive, complete and tell others about us, the likelihood of converting those prospects into customers is significantly higher.

Create The ‘Perfect’ Social Media Profile With 4 Easy Steps

First and foremost, your profile picture.

Without question it should be YOU. As tempting as it may be to put that cute little kitty or other fur babies, your audience wants to see you. Secondly take note of the tips shared in the above video about lighting, environment and best way to display your face!

Secondly, what does your cover photo tell others about you? For those who know me, know I am an avid golfer, so for a long time my cover photo was me on a golf course. Think about an activity that best describes you, a family photo or even a quote that resonates with you while telling your prospects a little about the person behind the face.

Next up, please ensure that your social media profile bio is complete. I touched on this in a recent blog and it’s worth mentioning again. Depending on which platform you’re using, the titles may vary but if you have a social media profile you should have a complete bio.

Don’t skip this part — you might be surprised how many people are in fact checking it out.

You want folks to know a little more about you

even before a conversation is had. 

Now, the next area to help you create that ‘perfect‘ social media profile is touching on your pillars. If you have not yet gone through my 5-point training on this — you want to!

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Now last but certainly not least when it comes to creating that social media profile is, aligned content. See, if you mention something in your bio like ‘health expert’, when someone scrolls your profile and they don’t come across any healthy tips or wellness guidance we can safely assume the content isn’t totally aligned with your profile, right?

Always lean on your pillars for content ideas and be mindful that it should absolutely align with what’s described in your bio, etc.

On one last note make sure you updated your profile when necessary. There are many times I’ve started working with clients and in our first call or two I mention something I noted on their profile and they’ve said ‘oh, no I don’t do that anymore’.

Take the time to not only create a perfect social media profile but keep it updated too!

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