overcoming obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles in Network Marketing and Business

Understanding that obstacles are something that people face no matter what business they start, today I want to share 3 of my insights on how overcoming obstacles is simpler, than you think. And, I believe it will help you and other network marketers get ahead.

The majority of obstacles can be avoided. They are often the result of emotions and poor habits.

Obstacles can;

  1. steal our focus
  2. zap our mental energy
  3. sabotage our most important initiatives

… and more.

What can we do to close the door on these obstacles so we can maximize our opportunities to success?

3 Tips to Overcoming Obstacles in your Business

Apart from setting the goal, accepting the end result is maybe the hardest part of this whole thing. Because, in setting a realistic goal, you naturally felt you were setting an attainable goal, right? However, one of the primary reasons people struggle overcoming obstacles is because they are without a plan.

In order to attain a goal, it needs a plan. More so, this plan needs a structured routine. Here’s the deal — be honest with yourself about the time you are prepared to commit consistently to your network marketing business. If you know that 5 days a week is a stretch for you to meet, commit to 4.

You are far better being consistent 4 days a week than inconsistent 5 days. Time management is imperative. Additionally, structure the time in those days specifically. Create a calendar like you would with your kids baseball practices or skating lessons.

Then, work your business during those hours — avoid all distractions. 

Next, and this one is a little tougher to swallow but get REAL with yourself. Here’s what I mean, evaluate where you fell short. If you didn’t reach a specific goal this month then look back to what you could have done differently. Overcoming obstacles starts with you.

It’s critical that you have a hand on your business and its operations. Take responsibility for the fall, dust yourself off, tweak, adjust, and execute again.

Always seek for ways to improve. This is an ongoing journey and it will take some time and effort but I can promise you this ….

It’s worth it. 

Lastly, do the work even on the days you just don’t feel like it. In fact, those are often the days the biggest breakthroughs happen. When we push through the tougher times it’s not uncommon to surprise ourselves. And, imagine how empowering it is when you are overcoming obstacles on the days you would have rather said forget it all together.

You have your hands on an absolutely incredible and life changing industry — don’t waste any more time.

Obstacles are merely pylons you need to swerve around. Quit looking at them like sink holes or enormous brick walls. With the right commitment, dedication and belief you WILL get there!

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