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4 Ways to Repurpose your Old Social Media Content

We know by now how important quality content is for your brand and your business, right? And although we ‘know’ this it doesn’t change that content can start to feel like a burden. Perhaps you find yourself running out of new ideas or any ideas at all! After all, what about the old social media content you have just ‘sitting’ there?

Let’s rewind a moment …

… recently we shared a blog with you about repurposing your video content and based on the feedback – we knew we had to hook you up with another! However, this blog is all about how to repurpose your old social media content. What to look for and more importantly how to freshen it up!

You might be thinking to yourself this is slightly familiar to the blog we did about using Facebook Memories as your hidden gem …

And, although similar we think you will find that this one just takes things to the next level.

How to get More out of your Social Media Posts

Here’s the deal you have done the work already. But what we realize is that we don’t always stretch it to the potential it could be. So, as we mentioned above about the Facebook Memories those posts were more about teachable moments, lessons learned and so on. Whereas, when we speak about stretching content, it’s about find those gems – that you’ve already shared – and bringing them new life.

Think about an old post you come across in your newsfeed of someone you follow. Maybe it’s a cute baby picture, them sharing an event of sorts, etc. Many times we find people comment on these older posts that have found their way back into the newsfeed not realizing it’s an older post, right?

Well, this is what this strategy is all about. 

It is likely you have some golden nuggets hidden in old posts or videos and we want to bring them back to life. The goal is to see how much life they have left in them. And, based on our own experience this is a solid strategy to visit when you are in need of ‘new’ content.

Why Repurpose Old Social Media Content?

Think back to a handful of your posts that did exceptionally well. Whether this be a written post, image or video – set aside some time and have a look at the engagement. Aside from good engagement these posts tell us a few things;

  1. Audience likes this type of content
  2. Timing was ideal (day of the week, time of the day)
  3. ‘Friends/Followers appreciate and respond to this medium (platform, delivery of content, etc.)

Now you might be asking yourself  ‘if they’ve already engaged with it, why would they want to see it again?’ Great question! And, the answer is simple – your audience is often changing. When you repurpose old social media content it gives new followers (friends) an opportunity to love on it too!

You are basically taking valuable, proven ‘old’ social media content and giving it new life. Why spend hours racking your brain to create new all the time when you probably already have a solid foundation to build upon.

How to Repurpose Old Social Media Content

When you repurpose old social media content, you have the chance to share new information, redistribute  posts, and bring added value to your readers. Look for the most engaged upon posts on your site and those without the potential to become outdated. We call this evergreen content.

#1 Turn Posts into Images

Think back to a post where you shared a ton of great content and value. You may have included some tips, a recipe, some action points, research, etc. Infographics are the holy grail of marketing – and can be created on simple plug and play sites like Canva for example.

Infographics are among the top, shared pieces of content on the internet. They are an excellent way to take written content and turn it into something visually appealing.

#2 Reuse an Older Post in its Entirety

It is possible that if you have been creating content online or a while you have a great bank to access. We know that some of our clients and even personally, have some great Facebook posts that had a great run. For obvious reasons, you want to ensure that they are not spaced too close together but …

.. research shows us that if the ‘second run’ of a post that received great engagement the first time – will achieve a minimum of 75% (or more) of the same. These are excellent numbers if you had a post that went into 100+ engagement right? How much time would grabbing an older post and copying it brand new save you?

#3 Use old Social Media Content where an Opinion of Perspective may have changed

This suggestion is ideal for anyone who shares opinions, suggestions or perspectives on a variety of topics. For example, let’s assume a few years ago you gave an opinion on parenting and you weren’t one yet. However, you have since entered the wonderful world of parenthood and your opinion has changed immensely.

Speak on that. In fact, quote things you said in the older post – chances are you may get a few laughs. And, your audience will laugh it up with you – probably at your expense though! All jokes aside, these are great ways to illustrate growth or change and the bulk of the content or idea has already been tried and tested!

These are also great posts to incorporate some great narrative storytelling. Sharing about your journey and how you’ve evolved (or not).

#4 Create a Bundle

Chances are, you have a few great posts that compliment each other quite well. These might be posts that includes lists or tips that can be paired well with longer form content. Consider putting these together or adding an image that faired well with written content that is along the same topic lines.

Another great area that bundles work well are through posts that share about you and your story. For example, perhaps you’ve attended a number of events over the past few months; craft a great post that incorporates each of them. This also sets you up for great follow up content where you can share some takeaways or those photo opportunities you took with leaders or influencers in your space.

Overall, repurposing your best although referred to as old social media content ensures that more people will see and interact with it. This can give your page and/or profiles a boost in any algorithms where engagement is a factor.

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