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Where to Find your Next Customer using Social Media

If you are in business, you know that customers are one of your best assets. And, if you are in network marketing, much of residual income is built in your customer base. So I found it important to focus on how to attract (and find) your next customer using social media.

Before we dive in, make sure you’ve downloaded this free resource for finding new customers on social media.

… one of the 11 things you will find in that download I’m going to cover today and that is — Facebook Messenger!

Your Next Customer is Waiting in Messenger for you!


Let me know if the following fact surprises you:

There are more active users on the Facebook Messenger app than there are on the Facebook app.

I have to be honest … this SHOCKED me. However, it totally makes sense and, it’s also subconsciously the reason I spend more time in messenger than I do anywhere else.

Ask yourself this; where am I spending most of time online to find new customers?

And, if Facebook Messenger wasn’t on your list of where to find your next customer — time for a shift in that schedule!

next customer using social media

OK, so now you know where … but HOW?!


One of the simplest ways to tackle this strategy is to start with your EXISTING friends. Don’t worry so much about connecting and messaging ‘cold’ people at this moment because, I’d bet there are a TON of friends you haven’t connected with yet.

Most network marketers (or entrepreneurs in general) haven’t had a genuine conversation with more than 80% of their existing friends list. I don’t know the size of your friends list but, I would imagine there are at least dozens if not hundreds of people you have yet to connect with.

And, did you know the more time you spend in messenger with people the greater likelihood your content will show up on their timeline?

This is always a great idea!


In summary, your next customer is probably already someone you’re connected to just waiting for that friendly message. I challenge you to reach out to 10+ new people every day and fill up that inbox!

THAT is where the magic (and sales) happen.

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