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Network Marketing Tips and Training for New Distributors

You may, at one time, had an idea of what network marketing is and found it to be completely different than what you had expected. Turns out, it isn’t just about Tupperware parties or Avon catalogues. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but you might agree that things have shifted a bit. Or a lot, if you discovered that these home based businesses can also be built on social media.

It is also possible that you like the idea of being able to build a business from your smart phone, from home, or frankly anywhere in the world, but you also might agree, you are not quite sure where to start.

Or you ‘tried’ it, and simply isn’t working for you the way you hoped.

Here is what I do know. Networking marketing is neither a get rick quick kinda deal, but instead it is an opportunity, for real people – like you and I, an opportunity to earn an income from home.

Let me speak for a moment to those of you who are entertaining a network marketing or home based business. 

I like to recommend that people explore these key elements when choosing what company to align with

  1. Company Stability or Longevity
  2. Products and Services
  3. Integrity of the Company or Corporate
  4. Culture
  5. Compensation Plan
  6. Momentum or Timing
  7. Training

Chances are, if you found yourself a solid product or service the rest should be easy right? Well, maybe … and in some cases you might even be able to overlook a few points such as momentum or timing. But let me say this, not to turn anyone away, or upset the ones who ‘are doing it right’, but training is often not available – or so dated you would sooner it not be. network marketing tips

Now, let me speak to those of you who are involved in a network marketing or direct sales business. 

It is possible you joined an amazing sponsor or enrolled by someone absolutely special to you. Unfortunately, this is not often the case and as a result, leaves people discouraged or scrambling to learn the ropes. Someone may have told you it would be a great idea to copy and paste the same message to all your friends and family, or suggest you ask them for a favor, or invite them all over to your home for a ‘dinner party’.

Bad news folks. These ideas are probably made with the best of intentions, but I am not sure it will help you achieve long term, residual income and even worse, turn people away all together.

Today, I want to leave you with a few things I think might be helpful if you are a new distributor (or tired one) who is looking to gain some momentum (and in turn income) into your network marketing business.

Tips for Network Marketing Success

Be Coachable.

It means you’re ready to do what it takes to change, transform, improve or excel, whatever that means for you and your situation. It also means to take advice and/or suggestions from ones that have come before you, successfully. Listen, learn and apply – and to some degree without question. No-one reaches the elite levels in a network marketing business without a track record. And, if social media is the vehicle you want to use (which I recommend you do) then be sure this lessons you are learning and applying are from those who are using social media in that capacity.

Take the lead with your ‘downline’.

Unfortunately, network marketing has a coined phrase often referred to as orphans. What this generally means (and maybe this has happened to you), is their sponsor no longer is active in the business. Or, they are someone like who is wanting to learn how to build a business on social media, and aren’t sure where to turn.

This is part of the reason I host a series of free trainings through both Facebook Live and Webinars, to help others – regardless of company, how to grow using social media – and viewers are always encouraged to share with anyone who might benefit. Similar to the post, you are reading right now. At the end of the day, as network marketers, if a business is being built with integrity, and not the copy and paste, spam central nonsense, it looks better as a whole.

Take care of your business

… like a business. 

If you are on the journey to earn income, from home – then you need to treat your business, like a business. There are a lot of people who adore the industry as a hobby – and that’s fantastic, those are the same people who simply enjoy the industry and the pay cheque isn’t important. So, if the financial gain is irrelevant, then, carry on.

If it is, then prove it. When people go to work, they generally arrive on time, perform duties and go home to start all over again. At the end of the pay period, they receive income as a result. And, we get this. Everyone understands the notion of putting in the time at work equals a pay cheque.

Then WHY isn’t the same concept applied to your business?!

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network marketing tips

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