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Top 5 Network Marketing Tips for Beginners

There’s no secret that we believe, network marketing is for everyone. Everyone that is, who is prepared to put in the work and learn the necessary skills. You see, too often in our profession people have this illusion that they will launch a business and earn a fortune overnight. Whereas the reality is that this is simply untrue. However, it is an industry that makes the impossible, possible. And, we hope we these network marketing tips will help you start off (or over) in the right direction.

Top 5 Network Marketing Tips for Beginners

The following 5 tips are designed to help you get into the right mindset when you are launching your business. We chose to also include that although we use the word beginner, these network marketing tips will also benefit someone who may have been going about it the ‘wrong’ way.

So, grab a pen and some paper or however you choose to make notes …

… and more importantly when you write your notes, make a star underneath each one and write out your next step. You see, we love our readers (and the ones who share these blogs!) but what we love more is watching you take action.

#1 Be Coachable.

Sounds simple enough, right? And yet for some reason this is among one of the biggest obstacles new network marketing professionals face. Some let the start, stop them. Others feel that their way is better. Then there are people who for whatever reason prefer to be master note takers and apply very little if anything at all. And lastly, there are those who launch their business and get stuck in this management role.

Here’s the thing — most people who are successful in this industry will share their secrets with you. And all you need to do is listen. Whether you are tuning into trainings online or in person, given a getting started checklist, or even part of our Facebook Community — LISTEN! These leaders and/or coaches, should be ones who have been there before. They are people who will show you exactly what you need to do. And sure, it may be awkward or even uncomfortable but the beauty of this industry is that it is built around duplication.

Who are you listening to?

#2 Take Ownership.

This one can be a little tougher to swallow but here it is; you, and only you are responsible for what. happens in your business. It can be incredibly easy to fall into the trap of blaming others for a lack of success. Remember, you got into a business — so treat it as one. Once you come to understand that you hold all the power this can be incredibly empowering. In addition, you will notice your business and how you approach it start to change.

Where can you take ownership today?

#3 Use your Time Wisely

Although all the tips we share today are important, this is among one of the top network marketing tips for success. We know, that many people are choosing to build their businesses via social media, right? Where the difficulty lies is just because you are scrolling on Facebook or Instagram (or other) this is not an income producing activity. We are not suggesting you don’t enjoy your timeline here and there but what we are suggesting is that you schedule the time in to be productive.

If you schedule an hour into your day to use Facebook effectively for your business, stick to that. This means, that  you want to be posting and engaging with intention. Now, the intention may be to initiate new relationships, reach out to new prospects, create a Facebook Live, etc. Don’t get caught in the scroll game — it won’t pay you.

How are you using Facebook (or other) effectively?

#4 Be Consistently Persistent

Quick (scary) fact for you: Most network marketing careers, last 89 days. Why? Because people get in don’t earn thousands their first month and they quit. Remember, you are here for the long run. You have been exposed to and given access to an entire business for next to nothing. And, the only thing stopping you from a successful business is because you gave up too soon. That’s it believe it or not.

Make a decision that you are in this long term. Because let’s look at it this way …

If you knew that if you committed to 3-5 years of consistency and being persistent in yourself and your work habits that you could earn thousands of dollars a month would you stick with it?

Guess what? You have access to this — in fact, if you follow even only these network marketing tips everyday, you are practically guaranteed those results. So, stick with it. They say, it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert in something, are you prepared to make that commitment to yourself and your business?

#5 Focus on Millions of Friends, not Millions of Dollars

Read the last of these network marketing tips out loud to yourself. Write it down, take it to heart. This industry is built upon relationships so start acting like that is what you are out there to do. When you focus on improving, enhancing or impacting the lives of others, the income will follow.

Think of that mom you can help earn a few hundred extra dollars a month to pay for her son’s swimming lessons. Or, think about that college kid you are able to impact with an extra $1000 a month to pay off his student loans. Maybe it’s the couple you can prevent from having to claim bankruptcy with an extra $500 a month (those are real facts too).

Whoever it is — focus on them. The only focus that should be on you, is how you can improve yourself to impact the lives of others.

Forget your income goals for a moment, how many lives are you set out to change this year?

Final Thoughts on these Network Marketing Tips

These network marketing tips are designed to give you the necessary foundation to build upon. You will have good days, bad days and all days in between. Knowledge is important but knowledge without action is wasted. We heard an interesting term used recently — shelf-help. And in our opinion, it couldn’t state it any clearer than that. Take these tips and the action steps you created for yourself and go make a difference.

We believe in you, it is time you started to believe in yourself, too!

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