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Stop Telling the Same Old Network Marketing Story

Facts tell, stories sell. You have probably heard this a dozen times (or more). And, it couldn’t be more true. However, it is one of the most underused nuggets in the industry. Time and time again, we see people telling the same old network marketing story, right?

What’s worse, is the stories are often ones that are not relatable to the audience. Because let’s be honest, if you have never earned 10+ thousand a month hearing that can be incredibly scary. Instead, focusing on helping others create tangible belief in an extra few hundred to a thousand dollars a month, is powerful.

So, forget the flashy sports car or high end vacation spots! Yes, there are all great for sure but they don’t make you different. Go back to how you were introduced this incredible industry — what drew you in?

Chances are …

It wasn’t the same old network marketing story

Under promise, over deliver. The reality is, we have our hands on the most incredible opportunity. We can work from our cell phones while laying by the pool or relaxing on the couch. We are able to communicate with new people all over the world thanks to technology, and share products and services that change lives.

You have your hands on something so powerful so quit giving it up to monetary things or flashy objects.

Now, we’re not suggesting by any means that these are ‘bad’ things. In fact, they were likely on one of our vision boards at one point or another. However, when we really dive into facts and figures we know that the 98% of the industry are really just wanting those extra few hundred dollars.

Not to mention, even an extra $500 a month would save hundreds of thousands of people from bankruptcy.

Think about that fact for a moment.

How to Stop Telling the Same Old Network Marketing Story

First and foremost, be you.

Stories not only teach us how to act – they inspire us to act. They communicate our values through the language of our emotions and experiences. And they are what fuel our hopes, our cares, our obligations. It is not simply what we know that can inspire us with the courage to act. And, by giving our stories away, they help others gain similar inspiration when it become ‘real’ to them.

Learning to stop telling the same old network marketing story is a leadership skill. The skill of telling stories that motivate people to get up and join us in business/action. And, because we learn to tell stories that tap into people’s values (rather than just issues) and evoke emotions that move people from inaction to action.

Eliciting emotions of hope, belief, urgency, and a sense that we can change some lives along the way.

Developing your Story should be Geared around your Experiences

The key focus should be on points – moments in our lives when values are formed because of a need to choose in the face of great uncertainty. This is a great place to share why you are doing this.

  1. When we believe in and put into action our ability to make a difference, it shows.
  2. Think back to the idea of  first caring about being heard.
  3. When did you feel you had to do something about your situation?
  4. Why did you feel you could? What were the circumstances? What specific choice did you make?

Telling your story effectively is more than what your company has done for you – think bigger. Instead of saying ‘I earned an extra $1500.00!!’. consider including what you did with that extra income without even having to say a number.

These things matter to your prospects. 

Although we understand in some situations where you have attracted a leader or influencer to yourself they may require some number stories, or support from an. upline or sponsor. So yes, there are exceptions to every rule for sure. However, we have spent years mastering the art of Facebook and relationship marketing that we know the more relatable you are to your audience, the bigger your business will grow.

Keep it under 2 minutes

We recommend that you attempt to tell your story in 2 minutes only. Yes, this is a very little time, but  often all you have is a few minutes to speak with people. Open with;

  1. Who you are (name, employment if working, parent, etc.)
  2. Where you are (geographic, but love working from anywhere in the world!)
  3. What you do (catchy but not misleading — describe the industry; wellness, hair care, weight loss, nails, etc)
  4. Why this industry (these are your real life examples, what the extra income has done for you)
  5. Where you are going (check this post we did about telling your story before the results)

Overall, your story matters. Telling the same old network marketing story does nothing but keep you blending in with everyone else who’s telling it. Refining your storytelling skills will without a doubt amplify your business. Not only will it give people an opportunity to know more about who you are as a person, but how you are the right person to either purchase from or work with.

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network marketing story