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Network Marketing and How to Recruit on Facebook

Are you trying to figure out how to leverage your Facebook connections to grow your network marketing business? Facebook as you know, has more than 1 Billion active users on its platform. So, it is safe to say the possibilities are endless when we know how to use it effectively. Learning how to leverage and recruit on Facebook is a necessary skill. In this post, we want to give you some great tools and strategies you can apply to do so.

More importantly, we want to show you how to do so, without being that ‘annoying Facebook Friend’

You know the ones, or you may have been guilty of being one of them too. And, that’s OK we all have to start somewhere, right? You see, many people who are now members of our community or coaching clients didn’t always ‘know the right way’ to leverage Facebook. In fact, they are often taught by their upline or company a much ‘different’ approach — one that may have caused more harm than good.

But, you know what’s amazing about when you are learning how to recruit on Facebook?

Check this out.

Because Facebook is a social platform, it is completely appropriate to be transparent by saying something along the lines of … ‘I’m sorry I used to be a social media billboard for my company. I was excited and was still learning. I love my business and knew if I could show you, you would too. But, I went about it wrong — and I am asking for the opportunity to ‘fix that’.

Naturally,  you want to use language that your audience is familiar with. Recruit on Facebook

One, that is genuine and authentic to you.

Ultimately, just know it is OK to admit being wrong.

We have a great post on transparency and being authentic, you should check it out once you finish with this one on learning to recruit on Facebook. You can find it >>> HERE.

Mini Crash Course on Attraction Marketing

We know for the most part we put personal stuff about our kids, our cats, what we’re doing on our weekends, and our family. That’s all awesome, and that’s what people expect to see.

Facebook is meant to be a social platform.

But knowing this now, think of how you can add value to your friend’s life. Is there something that you’re good at that you could teach other? Something that your friends come to you about to help them with or otherwise?

For us, we knew after building a very successful network marketing business on Facebook — that we wanted to teach others to do the same. We wanted to help the profession, succeed on social media too. Thus, Dani and I have committed ourselves to doing just that with our Social Impacter Society, and our coaching business.

Back to Attraction Marketing …

Think about your gift, passion or knowledge. If you are big into cooking and you know a lot about that, then share that information. When you find some good product for your new recipe, or some kitchen tip, or any of that type of stuff. As a result, you will attract people who like the same ‘things’ as you.

Be a little different than everybody else. Stand out.

This helps attract the right eyeballs on your page. Attraction marketing is an incredibly effective strategy to use on social media. And more importantly a great way to learn how to recruit on Facebook for your business.

The Golden ‘Nugget’ for Learning How to Recruit on Facebook


Cultivating them.

Nurturing them.

Growing them.

Relationship building is likely the most effective skill ever when it comes to recruiting. We talk about this all the time — people will buy from and join, people they know like and trust. And unfortunately network marketers and direct sales consultants get themselves in a big old hurry.

Expecting their business to grow and explode overnight.

This simply doesn’t happen. You may even hear successful network marketing professionals refer to themselves as the 5 year overnight success story. Because, it took them 5 years to create a solid foundation, invest in their craft and stay consistent to get to where they are today.

Take the Pressure Off

recruit on Facebook

Summer 2017

Try to remember not to treat every conversation on Facebook like a pending pitch. You might want to consider treating Facebook like a weekend Cookout. Mix n’ mingle. Share a great story or update and, keep it moving.

There are some people you will spend more time engaging with and others you may revisit later on, or even down the road. Throw away your elevator pitch right now. We promise that being genuine, will serve you much greater in the long run.

Back to the cookout. Chances are, you will meet new people there too. Think of the conversation opener — you may ask how they know the host (mutual friends). Perhaps you ask about what they do for a living or family (FORM). And, chances are they will ask you something about yourself too. When you ask effective questions, the chances of them being reciprocated is high.

Thus, curiosity posts are super effective when it comes to learning how to recruit on Facebook. It is OK to leave people guessing a little bit. Helps to build up that anticipation, curious enough to hit you up for more information.

Be Social.

Building relationships can be out of some comfort zones — especially when you are meeting someone for the first time. This, is why joining and engaging in groups of topics you enjoy is also key.

We did a post you can find >> HERE << on using Facebook Groups effectively for your business. It will help break down in more detail why joining groups of ‘real’ interests are important. And, how they can help you recruit on Facebook as a result.

And guess what else? These things take time, too!

recruit on Facebook What is important to note, especially since we keep referencing the ‘be patient notion’, is when you are continuously filling up that funnel of relationships, eventually it will begin to overflow.

These are the instances where what feels like ‘all of a sudden’ someone you have known for months wants to join your business. Take note: this is NOT all of a sudden at all. In fact, you have likely been growing and building that relationship (directly or indirectly) and now, they are ready.

Readiness to Build a Business is GOLDEN!

Why? Because it means they have taken their time to ensure it is right for them. They have probably done some research, or found how joining you will be an asset to them. They are making a conscious decision versus an impulsive one. Unfortunately, many people fall into the well of convincing people — ‘Join me and you get it for wholesale’ — and then we’re upset that they don’t want to build.

Sounding all too familiar?

Just like any tips, if you do not apply them consistently and allow them time to work, then no they will not work.

If you use the how to recruit on Facebook tips, and make a commitment to practice them for say, 90 days you will see results.

Consistency Drives Results

Lastly, and really — should be done first are;

  1. Complete your Facebook profile
  2. Make sure your profile image is you — preferably a happy, welcoming you
  3. Audit your own timeline — if it looks like a billboard, clean it up a little
  4. We recommend that you not have your company name on your page (eliminates curiosity)

And … if you have made it this far, and would like a complimentary Facebook Page audit comment below with your Facebook page, and we will be happy to do provide you some feedback!

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