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4 Ways to Choose the Best Network Marketing Company in 2019

As the fourth quarter comes to a close, the focus on the coming year begins. Many people set out on the ‘new year, new me’ mindset, right? And as this year closes and the next one opens, people often find themselves evaluating where they are now and where they want to be. This can raise questions related to their current opportunity or even someone looking at network marketing for the first time. Will 2019 be the year?

Regardless of which person you are — this blog is for you.

We want to share with you some key things we suggest people look at when choosing a network marketing company. And although this piece is coming out in alignment with the New Year we are sure you will find this valuable regardless of when you come across it.


Well, because we don’t believe that the tips change based on the time of year. The only real variable is when people take time to examine their options or otherwise.

The Company to Watch in 2019

This title may have grabbed your attention but the truth is – watch your own! Let us speak to the current network marketing professional … Maybe you hope for some more success in 2019 — great! This post should help you rekindle that passion or if you’re unhappy, at least consider some options.

And, if you are brand new looking at the profession and wanting to make a decision – we’re sorry we don’t have a magical company name to tell you. What we do have for you though are the key things you should look at without question, in making your decision.

We believe that there are hundreds of incredible companies out there for people.

And, we’re sure 2019 will introduce us to even more.

This can be exciting for some people and very overwhelming for others. But see, one of the best parts about this outstanding profession is there is something for everyone. Whether it sounds off-the-wall or not, there are still people joining companies like Amway, Mary Kay and Avon even so just goes to show you that you can’t count anyone out!

Including, yourselves.

Unfortunately, there are thousands of people everyday who sign up for a network marketing (MLM) opportunity and know very little about it. What we hope, is that what we’re about to share with you will help you or someone you know, make an informed decision.



4 Ways to Choose the Best Network Marketing Company in 2019

The following 6 ways are not listed in any order of importance and ideally the more ways you can have under your decision – the better. So there are 2 ways to look at this list;

  1. You are already in the profession and are evaluating your 2019 goals moving forward and,
  2. This is your first look (seriously) and getting involved in the industry and are need of some guidance.

Top to Bottom Leadership

First, we get it … many people join a good friend of even a family member when they get started. And there is nothing wrong with that, at all. But what people should keep in mind is if their sponsor doesn’t possess a whole ton of experience (yet), who can you lean on?

After all, this is a business knowing who you can count on matters. This includes, at a corporate level too. Take a look at the CEO and his or her executive teams. What has their experience been like in the industry or business as a whole? What does their reputation say about them?

Who are your field leaders? Do they support the way you intend on building your business? Be that an online, offline or hybrid approach? We have seen a ton of resistance from companies over the years specifically in relation to building a business on social media. If your intention is to build your business online, knowing early on if the business model supports that is key.

Love the Products?

If you were/are a customer of the products you are already ahead of the game. Some of our best distributors when we were actively building a network marketing company were originally customers. It only makes sense right? They were already sharing the love!

This will not change going into 2019.

If for whatever reason you find yourself no longer supporting the products or even being a consumer of them it’s hard to share their benefits with others, right? Don’t lose sight of that. Somewhere people can fall into the financial benefits of the industry only and we lose its true meaning. That being, share products or services with others at lower costs by eliminating the middle person, right?

So, if you’ve fallen out of touch with your products – no big deal, get reacquainted. Companies are always doing what they can to stay ahead of the trend which is why we regularly see new products being introduced to their catalogues. Try something new! This same trend will be prevalent in 2019 so don’t overlook this one!

What’s Unique? Is there a Genuine Need?

If you have been around the industry a little while, you might agree with us that we have seen every imaginable product find its way to direct sales at one time or another, right? We’ve seen insurance to wine subscription boxes, skin care to feminine products even (that one was new for us!), pet care to jewellery. There is literally a company for everything.

And although this sounds kind of cool, is it? If the promise of the industry stays true, that people can purchase products for less than in the store; then there could be a great business model there. It’s when we start seeing toilet paper MLM’s at 5X the price than your local Walmart things get a little tougher.

2019 won’t be any different in this area either.

Ideally, you are working with or looking at a company to join that fills a unique need or want. A little market research can go along way here. So, take the time to do a few quick searches on what your competition looks like – and how you can stay ahead of it. Chances are your potential customers or prospects will want to know these answers to, so stay in front of it.

How much Fun will you have?

Although we opened up this list with a disclaimer of not listing these in any order of importance … this one may just be a slight edge in front of the others. Here’s why; happy people are committed people. We can look at this from 2 angles;

  1. A happy customer is a loyal one and,
  2. A happy distributor is a loyal one too!

Network marketing can be one of the easiest businesses to get started. However, it can also be one of the toughest to stay motivated in. Why? Because you can start to feel like you’re trying everything and nothing is working. Or, perhaps you knew someone who quit and just blamed it on being too hard. There may even be a crew of people you love who just don’t support you.

Bottomline, there will be many challenging moments. And, if you are not having fun in your business what is going to keep you there? We’ve spoken about this before and will still ring true in 2019 and that is, many people when they get started in the industry is for the social piece. They are craving that inclusive culture where they can have fun and make some income along the way.

Having fun in your business, your team, your events, and so on — matters, a lot more than you might think. To some degree, this is why we put so much emphasis on the relationships we build within our organizations, right? We want people to feel good. We want our teams to have fun.

So sure, you may have the most incredible products and a wow factor compensation plan but if you’re not having fun, how long with those things keep you grinding it out?

Even on the days you don’t feel like it!

Final Thoughts on Choosing the Right Company in 2019

Well, there you have it! Our top 4 things we believe you should be looking at moving into 2019.

  1. Leadership
  2. Products
  3. Genuine Need and,
  4. Fun!

Sounds simple enough, right? The only other top priority we would encourage you to consider are the resources and training available to you as a distributor. Our Social Impacter Facebook Group is always available for those of you (at no cost) wanting to build your business on social media … But when it comes to company websites and tools — know what’s available to you.

You want to make sure that wherever you are going to call home or your legacy income, you have anything you need to get started on the right foot. The bells and whistles can always come later (and they will) .. but start with these 4 things and you are good to go!

Let us know if this was helpful for you and what are they key factors you looked at when you chose your company. And, if you are looking at our industry for the first time, let us know how we can best help you get started by answering any questions or making some additional suggestions.

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