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The Truth about why we Walked Away from Network Marketing

First, we think it’s important to start with what is Network Marketing? Network marketing can be lucrative if you take the time to do (at least) a couple things;

  1. Take the time to look into the opportunity. This includes the company, the potential sponsor, the commitment it will require from you, and so on.
  2. Evaluating what your needs and wants are and making a decision if this is a good fit for you.
  3. Understand that it’s a business, and will need to be worked as such.

Often referred to as multi-level marketing (MLM) or direct marketing, the idea of making money without any special skills or major investment ‘quickly’ is appealing. And the promise of residual income fuels the desire. The desire to never end up in your current financial position ever again. Alternatively, a slave to the clock.

Many reputable companies have been built on this very same marketing and distribution structure.

For example; Avon, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, and many more. But there’s a downside. “Do I really want to pitch this to all my friends and family?” “Can I actually make money at it?” “How do I know it’s not a scam?” These may have been questions you’ve asked yourself at some point. Even, when you’ve already become involved.

So, if you’re considering multi-level marketing (MLM), consumer direct marketing (CDM), or a network marketing opportunity,  what we’re about to tell you could determine whether any of them are worth your time, effort, and money.

First, we want to speak to the people who are looking at this as an opportunity .. Then, we want to dive into some important things we think you should know if you are just getting started or frankly, stuck.

Questions you should ask Before Joining Network Marketing

Who is in your upline?

Now, we aren’t just talking about your sponsor who is probably someone you know at least casually. We are talking about all the way up. Are these people you can relate to? People you could see yourself having coffee with? Or, people you believe you can learn from? This matters. Because as statistics tell us many people quit at one point or another and you want to make sure you are ‘taken care of’ if that happens to one day, be your sponsor.

In our opinion, you want to ensure that those you are connecting with through your company are people you picture yourself spending time with – long term. Although we also recognize that this is your business (or set to be) and your success relies on you … but do you have people who will support you – know this.

Can you get behind the product?

Many people join or consider joining a network marketing opportunity for the financial benefits. And hey, that’s awesome – and a big portion of why we did too. However, it is critical that you are setting out to share and/or promote a product you love. Otherwise, you will have very little to fall back on in terms of excitement when business building hits some rough patches.

Loving your product or service can be what holds you up when you are feeling down or discouraged. Your passion about the product also helps fuel sales and the extra push you might need to step outside of your comfort zone.

Do you have to have home parties or hotel meetings?

So here’s the deal, we initially built our business through home parties and hotel meetings. And, we’re not knocking that grind by any means. However, we knew it wasn’t an ideal situation for us as a growing family. We were left feeling like we spent more time in other people’s living rooms than our own.

And, when we decided to shift our efforts to social media – woah! We became the black sheep. It would never work. So, we had ourselves. Thankfully, although the network marketing company didn’t believe in our new direction there was nothing in the policies stating we couldn’t. Believe it or not, there are companies that exist today that do not endorse this type of social selling. This is something you definitely want to know before you ‘sign on the dotted line’!

Why are you even doing this?

This is perhaps the most important question of all. If you are doing this because you think it’s going to help you get out of a cash crunch quickly, forget it. If you’re doing it because you think you’re going to be rich in a year, well, it’s fine to have a vision but don’t bank on it.

Mind you, when you really believe in the product or service, that gives you the best likelihood of success with a network marketing business long-term. Sure, many people have made a lot of money in network marketing, but ​many more have ended up wasting a great deal of time and money chasing a ‘pipe dream’.

Ensure your success by researching carefully that you’re seizing the right opportunity in the first place. And, if you have already found the company you love – have you found the right social vehicle to grow it into a business. Have you located the right community to support your vision?
This is something we wish we knew before becoming the black sheep of our own company.
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Real Truths about Network Marketing

#1: Few People Make It

Number one. Out of 100 people in network marketing, you know how many people make it? How many people do you think make it in network marketing? No matter what anybody tells you, 1 in 100 make it in network marketing. Now sure the term ‘make it’ could be debated – but 1 in 100 people make this a viable business.

Everybody wants to brag that in their company, more people make it, right? funding familiar? And let’s define what is making it. Making it is not making $15 an hour. And, it is not even making $100 an hour. Making it, as mentioned above is those who turn this into a full-time income.

Now here’s a challenge for you. Many people will say, “Oh my gosh, why would I ever do it if it’s only 1 in 100?” Here’s the truth. Tom Ferry, a real estate guy that people pay tens of thousands of dollars to for training says that 87% of real estate agents fail within five years.

Think about that for a moment.

They put five years of their life in real estate and it fails. How much money do you think they lost in that five years? More so, how much time did they ‘lose’ during those 5 years?

Now here’s a question.

Does that mean real estate doesn’t work? No of course not! Real estate is hard work, but it does work.

Now, those 13% that ‘make it’, what portion of the 13% do you think actually make good money? Do you think all of them make 6-7 figures a year? Absolutely not. A small portion of them make 6 figures. Most of them make somewhere between $20,000 – $50,000 a year.

As a result, some sell it part time. The average real estate agent only sells one or two properties per year. Are we going to say real estate doesn’t work? Of course it works. Real estate odds are no different than network marketing ones. However, network marketing is a much shorter learning curve and expense to consider than real estate.

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#2: It is going to take a lot of Work

It’s a ton of work. Anyone who tells you it isn’t, is lying. Smoke and mirrors. This is what people in network marketing are afraid to say for fear, you won’t be interested any more.

If you want this to one day be a full time business, you will need to commit full time hours. It’s a lot of work to make it in network marketing.

But consider this.

Having kids is a lot of work, right? We have 4 kids right now. There are times we’re up 2 or 3 times a night with  them. And let’s not forget during flu season!

Now, are people going to stop having babies? No. But it’s a lot of work.  So whether you’re reading this because you’re considering it, or whether  you’re reading this because you are feeling super stuck, or whether you’re reading this because you’re a hater, the truth is, stop saying it’s easy to become a millionaire. Please!

Because it’s a lot of work. But work, that can reward you over and over again.

#3: Little Focus on Customers

That’s a problem. Customers are extremely important to your business. It’s time people start taking better care of their customers. Treat them right. Show them a good time. Actually deliver what’s right for them.

This is why if you don’t believe in your product you will have a hard time trying to sell that product. You’ve got to know your number one people are your customers. If you’re in network marketing and you want to have an edge on everybody else, why don’t you treat your customers a million times better than anybody else treats them?

For many in network marketing, all they’re consider with is their next cheque or recruiting bonus. But those that grow, long-term, are customer focused.

#4: Spammy Marketing on Social Media

Lastly, the awful way of marketing on social media. Someone once sent us a message on Facebook messenger.  We responded back politely to him and said, “Hey, we can tell you’re in network marketing. Copy and pasting this script and sending it to everybody, without doing the research on the person doesn’t work.”

This person responded back to me and said,

“Well, you have no clue what you’re talking about because many people are saying yes to it – guess you don’t want to make money. This business isn’t for you anyways”.

And yet, I was the greatest candidate 2.5 seconds ago, right?

The trends we started seeing on social media when it came to marketing a MLM business was so disturbing. And, still is in some cases. Suddenly people were becoming overnight salespeople and billboards and we just didn’t want to be part of it. We started feeling grouped into this ugly space. And with an industry so incredible our hearts were calling us to do something about it.

We spent 2 years relentlessly trying to figure out social media for our business. 2 years with full commitment, all in knowing, there was a better way. Then 3 years implementing it. And guess what? We nailed it. In fact, we went on to crush our customer sales and went on to be the number 2 recruiters in our (then) company – and number 4 income earners.

Doing social media, the right way. Additionally, doing things that our company wasn’t teaching and in fairness our upline just didn’t know how to.

So, this leads us to the burning question.

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The Truth about why we Walked Away from Network Marketing

Here’s the real, raw truth.

We wanted to help other people grow their businesses on social media — the RIGHT WAY. We felt that what we had learned in our last few years of network marketing we could teach others and in turn, help so many more people. It was a purpose, something we felt compelled to do.

There were and in all honesty are, building business (or trying to) on social media with no direction. And, with no real plan of how to do it successfully. To some degree it turned into sales and pitch fest instead of cultivating relationships.

Do you ever have moments that your purpose feels so big that you just have to pursue it?

That was us.

Even if that meant walking away from a solid, lucrative business we had spent years building. We wanted more of the industry and we knew based on what we had learned and implemented we could. This is where our social impacter community began. Together, we wanted to create community where people could benefit from 6 main components and the result would be stronger, larger teams and business.

The 6 Main Components of Building on Social Media

… our proven way. First, we had to look at what was important to us and for us. To us, was that we wanted to help inspire, teach, train, educate and lead by example to a community of network marketers. What was important for us is that anyone, from any company could benefit.

Our Social Impacter group on Facebook is more than 11,000 strong of incredible network marketers. All of which are coming from different companies and stages in their business. Secondly, we wanted to really dive in deep with those who were working towards this industry as a business and not a hobby.

This is where we introduced the Social Impacter Society where we want to share with you today what this means.

Our Experience

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Family is such a BIG part of what we do.

On the left, being in “our stride” of building and sharing our story was such a pivotal moment for us…

On the right, over 5-years later, we’re sharing a little of our story as we began to train our intimate group of Masterminders.

In the beginning, we were maybe looked upon as the black sheep…


Well, we had a vision of including our kids in all we did, and leveraging technology to do it.

Never lose sight of who YOU are and what YOU stand for.

Our hope and prayer is we set the right example to the right families that ALSO believe that family is a crucial part of your journey and story. Include them in all you do…

We know people can relate to this journey – perhaps that person is you. Day in and out, our goal is to provide our experiences and lessons so that we can help shorten the learning curve for other families who feel the same way we did/do.

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As we mentioned briefly above, unfortunately our industry is littered with a lot of smoke and mirrors. Too many false promises and under delivering expectations. Together, we wanted to ensure that we were always transparent with our community. Sure, that means sharing the good, the bad and the ugly, but what we’ve learned is people appreciate this so much more than false hope.

In some ways, our Social Impacter Society takes our larger group and just dives in. Because we only open this core group a few times a year, it’s not for everyone. And, we knew that creating a this private group that we could serve these professionals on a much more intimate level. It allows us to become familiar with their strengths and as a result help them execute on what they’re gifted with.

This gives us a platform to know the ins and outs of where they’re at and how we can serve them best. When something isn’t quite ‘right’ this is the space we can dedicate to helping them refine their craft while being open and honest with each other. Our only goal is to see our members thrive.

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Keeping things simple is key. It is so easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of gurus and experts out there, right? There is endless information about network marketing and what works and doesn’t. But, what we found is that not many of these people were walking the walk.

Our mission was to simplify the network marketing process especially when it came to building on social media. Our primary focus is seeing our members grow, recruit and cultivate relationships to heights they never imagined. In our Social Impacter Society there is room for accountability and true action steps.

Additionally, we don’t just deliver long winded trainings that leave you wondering ‘what next?’. In fact, actionable steps are of the utmost priority to us – you can come to expect that with everything we deliver.

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Accountability and Support

How often have you found yourself wishing you had someone who could keep you accountable? Think of the last time you just wish you had ears or eyes you could bounce something off of? Community and support have proven to be just as effective as action steps. Why?

Because naturally, people love to please others.

There is something special about someone checking in with us that doesn’t have a financial tie to our success, right? Whether the accountability come from us directly, the other 6 and 7 figure earners part of this group or someone who is in the same stage as you – it works.

Having a friendly and familiar face goes a long way.

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Specific training about growing your business on social media. Just out of curiosity, is this something your company teaches exclusively? Unfortunately, probably not. This is exactly what your community is about. It’s never a slight on home parties or home meetings if those are your jam. Instead, it is a means of showing people that they can earn a 6+ figure income on a platform like Facebook alone.

We provide our own experiential training and call in industry experts (at no extra cost) to deliver their greatness too. Our training platforms are centred around 6 main pillars;

  1. Mindset
  2. Branding
  3. Marketing
  4. Prospecting
  5. Duplication
  6. Closing and Follow Up

Would any of these be of benefit to you?

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There are 2 parts to this. The first is that we are very aware that many people join network marketing for the social piece – and this is something we promote greatly. The second, is recognizing the first part is knowing that we wanted to create a community that was suitable for anyone in the network marketing and direct sales space.

Creating a culture around this social movement mattered.

Our members have grown to not only love on one another but support each other too – Regardless of the company they’re with. This was something so unique to our industry outside of larger, in person events. This culture online of people on the same mission, sharing similar visions and becoming a part of each others lives is mind blowing. It has provided a platform to those who don’t have the opportunity to experience this in their own companies for a variety of reasons.

For us, it doesn’t matter where you come from, what you look like or what stage of your business you are at – our community is one of inclusivity in all realms.

Network Marketing on Social Media the Right Way

So, here we are at the conclusion of what we hope has been a post of value. Whether you are looking at the industry for the first time or someone who is craving one of the 6 components – you are in the right place (well almost). With much demand and inquiry we have decided to open up our Social Impacter Society doors  one more time before the end of the year.

Right now, we do have a growing waitlist so you do not want to miss out on this opportunity.

As we mentioned above, there are only a few times a year that we open these doors.

This, could be the opportunity you have been waiting for. Seriously.

If you are brand new and want to build your business on social media, this is for you. 

Perhaps you’ve been around a little while and you’re not growing at the rate you hoped or expected to, this is for you.

Or, let’s just be real — you are simply ready to level up!

THIS is for you.







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