network marketers during the holidays

Social Media Marketing for Network Marketers During the Holidays

While some customers continue to shop for the holidays in person, U.S. online spending rose 16.6% in 2018. Once seen as up-and-coming retail holidays, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now seen as the cornerstone of online holiday shopping. Oh, and the numbers prove it. So, how can you make sure that your social media marketing is on point? Network marketers during the holidays … well, you need to be ready.

Because listen, out of all holiday online revenue, almost half of it happens during Cyber Week.

So how can network marketers be prepared for the holiday traffic and sales? First and foremost, you need to stand out.

Note: Network marketers during the holidays need to break away from what everyone else is doing.

Having a solid content plan for the next couple of months is crucial.

And, in this blog I’m going to give you some great ideas that you can tweak and implement to suit your business and, your audience.

Social Media Marketing for Network Marketers During the Holidays

The Holidays offer you a great opportunity to create engaging content that can drive traffic to your website, social media pages and even boost sales. However, great content is not enough, Consider bringing a holiday flavor to your social media.

One suggestion: Create a holiday themed cover image on Facebook or other social media profiles you use. Remember, this should not be about your products or business opportunity, but could be something holiday themed. Think outside of the box here.

12 Days of ‘something

Create a series of holiday tip posts on a similar theme to your business. For example, network marketers during the holidays selling skin products will profit from creating a series of “How to keep that skin clear and healthy during dessert season” posts. Or, perhaps you sell a coffee product — maybe ‘The 12 best coffee recipes to wow your guests over the holidays‘.

Recipe Type Content

Even if your business isn’t connected any way with the food industry, the holidays are a great time to tap into the personal side of who you are. This adds a personal touch to your brand because you love good food as much as your audience does, right?

Run a Holiday Contest

Create a post with contest ideas everyone can easily take part in. Ask for your audiences’ opinion, what contest should be the most effective. Run it (your audience is already engaged). With contests, it’s always a good idea to make ‘sharing’ the post part of the entry.

Create a YouTube Playlist 

What is the first thing on your mind when you think about Christmas and/or the New Year? For me it is Christmas songs. And, I would bet, as for 165,000 other people who are searching Christmas songs in Google every day in the US. There’s no doubt creating a quick playlist and sharing it with your audience would be a smart move. This is especially helpful for people who have existing content on a YouTube channel — get those people plugged into you!

Messenger Video or Voice Messages 

Create a short greeting that you can send to your audience. This is a great personalized touch to connect with them and simply wish them well. Do NOT attach any sales or product ideas for them to these notes. Instead, use them as a way to open up some dialogue. Network marketers during the holidays need not to turn into spam fest, please.

Holiday Themed Memes

While memes are mainly for fun and entertainment, they can be interesting from a marketing perspective too. Why you ask? Well, they tend to go viral: they resonate and gain momentum thus, more exposure. Consider creating your own even!

‘Caption This’ Content

These types of posts perform the best during the holiday season. It will not take a lot of time to find a funny and odd image based around opening presents, cooking a holiday meal, playing in the snow,  and so on. Often, the funnier the better!

Bring Back a Little ‘This or That’ Content

Create a set of fun holiday themed quizzes for your audience that will increase engagement and get them used to participating in your activities in the future. Example: Apple pie or Pumpkin pie.

Create a Holiday Themed Photo Album

Photo albums on Facebook actually get 180% more engagement than any other posts (2018 stat). Take advantage of them by creating albums with photos of your team, recent holiday activities, holiday excursions with your family, etc.

Resolutions for the coming New Year

If you have loyal followers and engaged users, then they have come to expect a lot from you, right? Write a resolution for the coming year and share it with them. This gives you an opportunity to be relatable, vulnerable and even hold yourself accountable. Alternatively, if you don’t jam with the whole resolutions thing — create a post on why that is.

Were these 10 tips for network marketers during the holidays helpful? Would you like 10 more?

Let me know in the comments and I wish you and yours the very best upcoming holiday season!

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network marketers during the holidays