most out of your part-time business

How to Make the Most out of your Part-Time Business

If you are like my wife and I, you are venturing into the world of entrepreneurship and starting it on a part-time basis. I get it, you are probably dreaming of having a successful full-time business, right? The time freedom, ability to say ‘yes’ when your child asks you for something or being able to travel the world! I believe you will get there. That is, if you want it bad enough and, that you are ready to put in the work. In this blog, I will give you some tips to help you make the most out of your part-time business.

The challenge in building a business part-time is fitting productive activities into an already busy schedule.

Let’s dive in.

How to Make the Most out of your Part-Time Business


Make your Business a Priority


If your goal is to make the most out of your part-time business to take it full-time, you HAVE to work on it everyday. Creating a priory list can be helpful here. Your family and job can take precedence, I understand that of course! But your business needs to rank higher than a movie night out or hanging out at the beach all day. It can be a tough transition to make although, short-term pain for long-term gain.

The activities you love don’t need to go away forever, in fact you can build them into your day on occasion as long as your business is being served first.

Schedule your Time


Everyone speaks about time management but very few actually follow through. Sit down with a calendar or create your own, and schedule the 24 hours in your day. Be sure to include basic necessities like eating, sleeping, your commute to work, etc. When you have a very clear picture of where each hour (or half hour time block) is spent, you may just come up with some extra time you didn’t realize you had.

Grow your Support Circle


Your support circle can include enlisting your children or spouse to help you with basic home and business tasks. It’s important that you have conversations with them about why you are working so hard and in turn sacrificing some things here and there. Our children love getting involved and once they understood the WHY, the HOW became much easier.

For those who have some extra income through their growing part-time business, perhaps hiring a VA (virtual assistant) to handle administrative tasks for you could also be an option.

Once you have outlined your time blocks in the tip above, you will have a simpler time outlining which tasks can be ‘outsourced’ and which ones are still served best by you.

Evaluate Constantly and Tweak when Necessary


Entrepreneurs must learn to evaluate effectively and make necessary changes quickly. When you have a pulse on what is working and what isn’t, your business will thrive as a result. If something isn’t working, scrap it and map out a new plan. A great way of determining where to evaluate is map out both your long-term goals and your short-term goals then, work backwards.

Your short-term goals compounded should serve your long-term plan. When we become super clear on what those goals are, mapping out your priorities, to-do lists, and schedules should become seamless.

If I do X, then Y will happen. If it doesn’t, time to tweak.

Places to evaluate can included (but not limited to);

  1. ROI (return on investment)
  2. Social Media engagement
  3. Follow-up Conversations
  4. Number of new Relationships 
  5. Sales Copy or Sales Calls


Determine what your list will look (this of course depends on your industry and your goals) but be prepared to evaluate every 14-30 days. Some strategies will require a bit more time to settle in, and I’m happy to chat with you about your business if you need some guidance along the way.

Overall, I want to see you make the most out of your part-time business and that it continues (or starts) to serve your life the way you’ve envisioned it to!

Out of genuine curiosity, let me know in the comments what niche your business is in — would love to create future content to serve your specific needs. Now go out there and create impact. 

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